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at 6:25 pm
by Jason
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If you are a member of Smiley360, you might want to log into your account now! Several readers have e-mailed me letting me know that they have just scored FREE Full Size All Mighty Pacs Detergent! Simply log into your account and see if you are offered this mission. Come back and let us know if you were able to snag one! I got one!

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  • Kellshirley

    No i was not eligible 🙁
    But thanks for the info

  • Saratyger25

    I got it and the bag come with 50 coupon for friends and family!

    • Lisrubens

      How did you qualify?

  • Guest

    I was eligible, but the dang thing would not post to my FB wall so I said forget it. Way too much trouble.

  • Cletus

    Service unavailable. Think Im done with smiley 360. All I do is waste my time with surveys and end up with nothing in the end, because the page either wont load and/or the offer is already full.

  • Sandi

    Service is unavailable again

  • Smdz1962

    I think the site is being hammered with all the people who might not be Smiley360 members, and are trying to join to get this freebie….

  • AshLeigh

    I scored this one but the site must have been getting slammed cuz it took forever to load

  • Shellyrp

    Qaulified and heading my way! Yay me 🙂

  • Jessi

    Got it!

  • I just signed up on this site and I had to fill out my profile 100% then complete five short surveys about myself and they offered me the ALL Mighty Pacs mission! They said they are sending me a full size 24 pack supply and 50 coupons for friends and family(and myself!) Seems too good to be true! After you get the product and try it you just give some feedback and share your experiences on the website. I am excited for the future missions as well!

  • Ashley M.

    I never qualify for anything from smiley360. 🙁

  • Cletus

    Ok its working now. Got it.

  • Site was down when I tried yesterday and says it’s full up today.