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Contact me by using the form below, for advertising inquiries, questions about the site, suggestions, or to even submit a freebie, coupon, or deal. I love to hear from you guys!

  • Melanie

    Jason, tried to send this as an email but it wouldn’t go through. Thought I’d share this. There aren’t a whole lot of Peet’s around but they are great. Every person who signs up for their newsletter gets a coupon for a free drink as well as their friends that they refer and also sign up. : ) Thanks for all your great work.


  • Stier6557

    I have gotten some really cool stuff. The Frog Tape is an entire roll. I scored the Bayer aspirin for a full bottle. Nescafe from awhile ago was a very nice freebie. Some of my scores were pretty impressive size samples. I’ll make an attempt to send you more info in the future if you really do like to hear from us. Appreciate what you do.

    • Mark Rothchiou

      How can we be qualified to post our products good deals (good discount) on the website?

  • My message looks like it won’t go through…. I’ll simply re-paste the comment here!


    I’m following you on Twitter, and I love your site! I see that you don’t have any Dove freebies right now, so I thought you’d might like to share this link!ย

    Best wishes,ย 


  • There is a live swagbucks code out there til 9 a.m PST via twitter

  • Tried to send this in an e-mail also and would not go through.

    Just an FYI….. I signed up for the free Oprah magazine issue several months back. Just received a bill from a collection agency stating that I owe them $18 for a subscription I never got!!! Needless to say I AM NOT happy!!

    • Anonymous

      Hello Sandy,

      I have never posted a Free Subscription to “O” Magazine. You must have requested this through another website, not mine, since it was never posted on my site. I would suggest calling “O” to get this situated. Be sure to explain that you were signing up for a FREE Subscription, and not a paid one, and they will most likely cancel your subscription and remove the charges. Hope this helps..let me know how it goes.


  • Lsprickman

    Jason, I just sent you a message but couldn’t remember if I put in the correct email address…. its Too many email addresses! LOL

  • I just sent and email message it said it went through successfully, so i hope i get a responce and i get my free samples. I love getting samples in the mail. I am disabled and dont get out of the house very much and my mail box is on the front porch so it thrills me to get sample in the mail. I have not been familar with the site, but i am sure i am gonna love it, Thanks and God Bless all.

  • ash

    get a free dvd on how to save money and earn a little to

  • Peg

    Ohi Jason
    I got a Febreze air freshner abd a 4 pack of Green Mountan Iced coffee/tea yesterday!
    I just love getting these little treats in the mailbox..
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I come to this site often. You do a great job Jason.

  • devynsmom


  • Melanie Mansour

    Hey Jason!

    Awesome site! Love the freebies!

  • Elice

    New freebie from marlboro….a steel pint glass you get to have engraved! Same place we ordered those darts from a lil while back!

  • Cheryl

    Ive been contacting for weeks on Facebook and through the website and nobody answers…so much for paying for advertising!

  • Cheryl

    I tried to post this morning but my comment disappeared….I have been trying to get a hold of someone at this website for almost 2 months in regards to advertising….why isn’t someone acknowledging me?

    • FreebieShark

      Hi Cheryl-

      I never got an e-mail or comment from you. I searched my entire inbox, both e-mail, and on Facebook. Please submit the form and I’ll get back with you right away! And I am not sure why your comment disappeared, sorry about that!

  • Donna

    Jason, Thank you all so much for this site. I love all the coupons and freebies. You rock.

  • Spoonfuls

    Hello Jason,

    Could we possibly purchase from you a Give-Away Advertisement –
    Where we give away $200 Movie Ticket give away exclusively with you

    Everyone who enters will get our free $50 Off Valentines Date Night

    2 Anytime Movie Tickets, $50 Dining & $10 Off Flowers all for
    $25 after a code specifically for your readers.

    We would love to do if this week if possible.

    We have top selling programs on Woot, Slick Deals, Deal News and
    many others โ€ฆ We would also love to start a long term strategy with



  • Sheyanne Blackburn

    anyone else havin issues with the abc of style instant win game? when it gets to confirm your location all it says is confirm your location.. so ummm am I doin it wrong or is it not workin? lol

  • Tiff T

    Hi Jason! I found a freebie where you can get $1 for digital music on amazon!! All you have to do is go here and purchase the vid (IT’S FREE), and they’ll send you an email with your free credit! It is 100% legit, I tried it and got sent an email 20 seconds later. Thanks sooo much for this website!! I’ll be going out of town soon and all of these samples are PERFECT for traveling!!! You rock!!!

  • ladymorgan

    Jason, I am a returning Sample Source customer and was able to get all 12 samples!! Thanks Sample Source!!

  • Larry Burns

    So I won a Sweepstakes ’52’ 2 liter Coke Products up to $1.65 value redeemable only at Dollar General. Went to Dollar General and they would not except the Coupon. Any suggestions?

  • Ann H.

    I will be saving some time in the mornings by not reading Comments below the Sweeps. I havent seen them recently and do find them useful. I do like to see when and what persons report that they have won. That way I can be aware that the prizes are being sent out for a sweep I entered. I can be happy for the reporting person and I personally can be hopeful. I enjoy this pasttime.

  • Ann H.

    Good to see the Comments section below the Sweepstakes listing. Thank you for all the fun, freebies, and bargain opportunities.

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  • Igor Schmidlapp

    FYI… Subway Sub of the Day /deal is GONE! I found out the hard way, after skipping a week, only to be charged FULL MENU PRICE today for my multiple ItalianBMT order! The lack of Italian cheese (Provolone) for an Italian sub is bad enough, but now the Sub of the Day Deal Promotion just went POOF!

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  • Christine Kauffman

    Hi, I received my 50″ HDTV from the Dos Equis Sweepstakes that you posted. Thank you!

    • Elizabeth Williams

      Congrats ! Makes it all worth while huh!

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  • flapcat

    I just got notified I won the grand prize in the Angry Orchard Cider Harvest Sweeps! Biggest win of my life! Thanks to freebieshark for keeping us posted on sweeps!

  • probably not a person XD you can get free coffee bars if you sign up through this link. Refer friends!!