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How to Get Free Samples

How to Get Free Samples is constantly updating with all of the latest free sample offers. I frequently get e-mails from readers asking me how they can request freebies. To request free samples, simply click the link I provide in the specific freebie post that you are interested in. My post will also contain instructions on how to request the freebie, as well as, the expected wait time for the freebie to arrive. All request forms ask for your mailing information, so that they can ship out the freebie to you.

Why Do Companies Give Away Free Samples?

Companies and websites give out freebies for a couple of reasons. Mainly, they want you to try their product, expecting you to enjoy the product, and purchase it in the future. Also, some companies give away freebies for promotional and commercial reasons. simply locates these freebies, and posts them here for your convenience!

Expected Delivery Time

Most freebies take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to arrive. I would suggest to keep on requesting all the freebies you are interested in, and soon enough, your mailbox will be overflowing with freebies!

Added Surprises

Many companies throw in an added ‘bonus’ to the free sample that they mail out. Most of the time, we can expect to see a high value coupon included within the package of the free sample. Sometimes, companies are generous enough to mail you multiple samples. In rare occasions, companies like to surprise us and mail out full size products. My favorite kind of freebie!

Tons and Tons of Freebies

Every year, I literally get loads of freebies in the mail. I like to make donation baskets with the freebies I receive, and donate them to those in need, during the holidays. If you are interested in seeing exactly how many freebies you could be getting, be sure to check out my Sunday Mail Call series!

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    I have been out of the coupon and freebie sites for awhile and just came back. Has it gotten harder to get freebies? I remember your list used to be so much longer.

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