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Sharky’s Guide to Requesting Freebies is constantly updated with all of the latest free sample offers. I frequently get e-mails from readers asking me how they can request freebies. To request free samples, simply click the link I provide in the specific freebie post you are interested in. My post also contains instructions on how to request the freebie, as well as, the expected wait time for the freebie to arrive. All request forms ask for your mailing information, so they can ship out the freebie to you.

  • TIP #1: To learn more about delivery times, sample giveaways, and other general freebie information. Be sure to read our full ‘How to Request Free Samples‘ Guide.
  • TIP #2: only posts legit freebies. Be careful of other freebie offers you find elsewhere, as they may not be legit.
  • TIP #3: Many offers will not work on cell phones. Read the ‘Requesting Freebies on Your Smart Phone…Is It Possible?‘ article for more information, and how you can work around this.

Stay Connected – Never Miss a Freebie

Be sure to check out FreebieShark throughout the day to make sure you don’t miss any hot, time-sensitive freebies! I would also suggest subscribing to our Newsletter. Also, be sure to sign up to the HOT Offer Text Alerts, which will help make sure you NEVER miss a hot freebie!

Let’s Get Started! Start Requesting Freebies…

Below you’ll find a list of freebies that have been available to request for quite some time. Click on each of the links to begin requesting your freebies. Once you’ve requested the freebies you’d like to try, all you have to do is wait for them to arrive! Soon enough, your mailbox will begin overflowing with freebies! 😀


  • DD

    Prilosec offer is no longer available

  • Pinkclubwear

    I would like to share FREE GIVEAWAY on Facebook. Anyone who has FB account can apply and shipping is free too. Apply here :
    Good luck all!

  • Charity Garner

    free nike

  • Gail Goff

    I like this and I want some

  • Kimmi Snyder Clark

    how do I sign up?

  • Charles Phillips

    “Thank You”, thank you very much…


    Will there be a freebieshark app in the future?

  • Bernadine Foldi

    Centrum sample is no longer available

  • Lauren

    Sucks that I dont have a smartphone.

  • Jennie Miller

    I get my Sharky’s email so late in the evening that most of the deals are gone/expired or its too late to get to the store for them. How can I receive it in the morning?