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Get FreebieShark Notifications with Telegram

Good news, FreebieSharkers! As you may recall, FreebieShark used to have text alerts that were powered by Twitter. Unfortunately, Twitter eventually got rid of the text alert feature, and since then, Sharky hasn’t found a way to give you all instant notifications for the hottest posts — UNTIL NOW!

FreebieShark is now on Telegram! Telegram is a messaging platform that helps Sharky notify members instantly whenever a hot freebie, sweepstakes, or deal pops up! Never miss a hot freebie again! You can opt to be notified for alerts whenever there’s a new hot post.

Yes, Sharky knows you’re on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and more. However, none of them have the ability to INSTANTLY notify you on your phone whenever FreebieShark posts something awesome!

Here’s how to follow FreebieShark on Telegram…

  1. Download the Telegram App on your phone
  2. Once set up, CLICK HERE to join the FreebieShark Channel! Make sure notifications are turned ON within the app if you want notifications whenever there’s something new posted there!
  3. That’s it! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

This is just an additional way to follow FreebieShark! I highly recommend joining so that way you NEVER miss a HOT freebie, sweepstakes, or deal. You’ll only receive alerts to the hottest posts, so you won’t get too many notifications.

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