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Learning How to Coupon

Introducing Coupons

Introducing Coupons

There are two different types of coupons. The most common type of coupon is a manufacturer’s coupon. These coupons are released by the actual producer of the product. The companies release these, to encourage consumers to purchase their products. The second type of coupon is a called a store coupon. These are coupons issued by a particular retailer, valid only at that specific retailer. A store coupon will have wording similar to this: “Coupon valid only at Target” or “Walgreens Coupon”. Manufacturer’s coupons can be used anywhere that accepts coupons. Store coupons can be only used at that specific store.

Stores do get reimbursed by the manufacturer when we use the manufacturer’s coupons. They also get an added ‘handling fee’ as a bonus. So please note, the store does not lose out on profit when coupons are redeemed, they actually make a couple of cents!

You can only use one manufacturer’s coupon per item that you are purchasing. One thing to note is that most coupons have a barcode on them, and they will always have an expiration date.

Can I combine a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon?

Yes! You can combine a manufacturer’s coupon with a store coupon! This is called “stacking” coupons. In fact, this is probably the best way to save the most money possible. For example, let’s say that Walgreens has a sale on razors, $4/pack. If you have a $1.50 off manufacturer’s coupon, that makes the price just $2.50. Even better, let’s say that Walgreens issued a $1 off store coupon in their weekly ad. You can combine both coupons to drop the price even more, to $1.50! Just make sure that both coupons apply to the same specific product you are planning on purchasing.

Where to Find Coupons

You can find printable coupons right here on FreebieShark! Besides that, is a great resource for printable coupons. You can also find coupons in stores from ‘Blinkies’ (certain stores offer coupons in various aisles). Coupons can also be found in Sunday newspaper inserts and magazines. Most of the time, companies will send you coupons via mail when you e-mail them asking for some. Best of all, most freebies you request come with a great high value coupon!

Things to Note & Couponing Tips

1. Don’t ever ‘copy’ a coupon. It is illegal, and is considered coupon fraud, which can lead to fines and possible jail time.
2. Find out if your local grocery store ‘doubles’ coupons. If so, you could save even more with your coupons!
3. Plan Ahead. View the weekly circular ads for the various stores you plan on shopping at during that week. This way you can try to match up coupons to sales to save even more! It’s better to use a coupon during a sale in comparison to when the product is at full price. Your goal is to save the most!
4. If you find a coupon for a product that you are not interested in, don’t cut it or print it out.
5. Always check the clearance section. Often times you can find a product with a heavy discount. Even better, if you have a coupon for that product, it can lead to free (or close to free)!
6. Price match. Many stores (such as Walmart and Target) allow ‘price matching’ — meaning if you bring in the ad of a competitors store, they will match the sale price of that particular product.

Store Coupon Policies

It’s always a good idea to print out a copy of the store coupon policies — just in case you get a new cashier that doesn’t want to accept your coupons. I’ve compiled a list of all the major retailers’ coupon policies for your convenience!

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