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How to Save Money Using Instagram

InstagramHow to Save Money Using Instagram

If you aren’t on Instagram yet, now is a great time to join. Instagram Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media sites right now… and it is also very useful to help you in your journey to save money!

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an extremely popular photo-sharing app for your smart phone, mostly meant for you to be able to share your life with your friends through photos. Snap a picture and share it with your friends… it’s as simple as that. When you share a picture, your followers instantly are able to see your pictures in their feed. What’s cool about Instagram is that it is a phenomenal tool to help you save money — believe it or not. And the great thing is that Instagram doesn’t filter your feed like Facebook does. You’ll see literally everything from people and brands you follow. Facebook filters what you see — even you “Like” a brand, you still won’t see their updates in your newsfeed.

How can I use Instagram to save money?

It turns out that Instagram is useful for other things than simply sharing photos. Did you know that Instagram has a an enormous coupon community and everyone on there is there to help you save money? Think of it as one HUGE team — all working together for one goal… to save money! I’ve been a part of the coupon community on Instagram for about 3 years, and I am here to show you what I’ve learned over that time to help you save money! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips.

Follow FreebieShark on Instagram

I’m always posting the hottest freebies, deals, and sweepstakes on Instagram. Anytime a hot freebie goes live or there is a hot coupon, you know it’ll be posted on FreebieShark’s Instagram account. You can follow me @FreebieShark. Instagram also has a notification feature, which helps you make sure you never miss something great. Simply follow @FreebieShark, then go to our profile and click the three dots in the top right corner. A box will pop up with various options. Select “Turn on Post Notifications” and you’ll instantly be notified when I post something to Instagram! If you don’t want notifications, you can still easily find FreebieShark’s post in your feed or in our profile.

The Power of Hashtags

Hashtags are used to categorize posts and make them easily accessible using the search feature. An example of a hashtag is #FreebieShark. Use specific deal related hashtags to find a massive collection of coupon and deal posts. The main hashtag you’ll want to check out is #couponcommunity. This hashtag is used universally by almost everyone to share their deal finds and money-saving related posts with the rest of the bargain hunters. There you’ll find tons of coupon match-ups, clearance finds, and freebie hauls. You can also consider checking out stores hashtags (ex: #target) to locate specific deals relating to Target. Here is a big list of hashtags that you can explore: #couponcommunity, #coupons, #couponer, #couponing, #BOGO, #deals, #savings, #freebies, #freestuff. You’ll find some amazing couponers and freebie lovers to follow by exploring these hashtags!

Start Sharing Your Finds

You can also contribute to the coupon community on Instagram by posting the deals you come across. When posting, make sure to use #couponcommunity and other related hashtags so others can find your post. We’re all in it to help each other save money!

You Can Even Trade Coupons

If you are searching for a specific deal or coupon, you can post what you need on your Instagram account. Simply use the hashtags #ISO (In Search Of) or #UFT (Up for Trade). Be sure to include any other details regarding the deal or coupon that may be useful to those looking to trade. Using these hashtags will help you and others find what you need!

Enter Giveaways

As Instagram continues to grow, more brands are creating accounts and promoting their products. There is a countless amount of giveaways on Instagram, both from brands and individuals. To enter, you usually have to like, follow, or tag a friend. I recommend checking the #giveaway and #sweepstakes hashtags to get started finding giveaways to enter!

I LOVE Seeing Your Freebies, Wins, & Hauls

When posting pictures of your freebies, wins and hauls, please use the hashtag #FreebieShark so that I can see your posts! Instagram makes it extremely easy for all of us to share anything and everything. I post my freebie hauls on my Instagram frequently — and I want to see yours too! Make sure to join over 70,000 freebie lovers and follow @FreebieShark if you haven’t yet.


So tell us… are you on Instagram? Have you used it as a tool to save money? What are your experiences?

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