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FBIcon(2)I recently purchased a new Canon Wireless printer from Amazon. I am a Mac user, so I figured I would use the AirPrint feature and print wirelessly. Everything was perfect, until I wanted to print some coupons out from My coupons were printing TINY — maybe like 25% of the original size. I searched and searched for a solution. I contacted support, and they had no idea how they could help me. I finally found the solution on my own, and I am posting this just in case others are having this same issue.

Here’s the fix (Mac Users)

1) This problem, in my opinion, is caused by the “AirPrint” wireless printing feature in your wireless printer.
2) Go to your computer settings by clicking the Apple icon on the top left of your screen and go to System Preferences.
3) Select “Printers & Scanners”
4) Delete the printer from the list by clicking ‘-‘ at the bottom of the list. Then add it back again by clicking ‘+’.
5) You’ll see your printer appear. Towards the bottom, you’ll see different options for types of printer. Change it from AirPrint to just the standard printer name/model.  Do not use the “Bonjour” one, instead use the same exact name of your printer and for the type of printer as well. You will STILL be able to print wirelessly, so no worries! Try printing a coupon and see if it works now.

Let us know if this works for you, leave a comment below!

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