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Cartwheel by Target — Putting the Bullseye on Savings!

Target GrocerySHARK BITES – Cartwheel by Target — Putting the Bullseye on Savings!

We all know what trademark sign Target uses to grab our attention. They also have grabbed many of us in their Cartwheel by Target savings campaign that launched May 8, 2013. The Cartwheel by Target program was paired with Facebook to allow customers to choose their own offers, while sharing offers/deals they’ve found with friends on Facebook. To register, you can either sign up via Target account, Facebook, or Google account. If you sign up with Facebook, you have the option to for offers you select to appear on your Facebook timeline, where your friends can see it. If you do not want this, check your Facebook settings to make sure it is disabled.

Once you are registered and logged in for the first time, you will receive 10 empty spots to fill. After that— and through choosing, redeeming and sharing offers— it will open up additional offer spots, which will allow you to earn Cartwheel achievement badges from your activities.

You redeem your offer by clicking on the picture of the item you wish to purchase. Items that have expired in your account will automatically be removed.

The offers that you find are to be redeemed in-store through a single barcode in the Cartwheel app from your smartphone, tablet or printed from your home computer. You can use the barcodes up to 4 times (in separate transactions), by presenting the barcode to your cashier. For whatever items purchased that match your offer(s), the barcode will take off the savings. Go here to download the app for Android or iOS.

The Cartwheel is used last in your transaction (after all other discounts have been applied). Depending on the items you have chosen, like, bedding, CDs, cleaning items, clothing, electronics, housewares, and toys, your savings/discounts will range between 5 to 25 percent. From time to time— there are deals that offer 30 to 50 percent off particular items. If you find any discrepancies at checkout, or on your receipt, the cahier will take payment for the total shown, and then you can take your receipt to the customer service desk, where they will go over it with you and refund you any monies owed via cash (if you used cash/debit) and via credit (credited back to your card).

Stacking Coupons:
You can stack your Target printed, mobile, and manufacturer coupons, along with your Cartwheel offer(s), to gain greater savings. You can only use (1) like PRINTED Target coupon per transaction. If you use your MOBILE coupon(s), the item will no longer be available for any additional transactions. However, the barcode can be used again for any remaining items left. Only 4-like MANUFACTURER coupons can be used in one transaction. Again, the Cartwheel barcode can only be used AFTER all other discounts are in place.

Be on the lookout for upcoming back-to-school savings, as it would be a great time to utilize/stack as many coupons/discounts for your back-to school needs. Sharky will continue to help you find the best values for your wallet! 😉

Happy Savings.

“Don’t sink with the fishes. Be the consumer in the know!”


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