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at 9:37 am
by Jason
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Now through August 17th, you can try your luck on this new Amazon Gift Card Instant Win Game! A total of 500 instant winners will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card! You can play this up tot 25 times per day for more chances to win. Good luck! (Thanks, Nicole!)

➡  Plus, stop by our sweepstakes section for a BIG list of Instant Win Games & Sweepstakes!

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  • Mag

    Is there a way around all those capchas? 25 of those is very time consuming. PLMK, thanks!

    • Paco

      Thats something a robot would say.

    • AngryGirl

      Yes, those captchas are more than annoying and don’t always work. It takes up more time solving them that it does to enter the sweepstakes. How many do you have to solve to prove you are not a bot, getting to the point where I don’t even want to enter sweeps to avoid them.

      • Paco

        Yeah i understand. I still enter them though lol

  • Sabrina Washington
    • FreebieShark

      Wow, seriously? That’s extremely upsetting especially since you have a screenshot showing you won. Did you send them that screenshot?

      • Sabrina Washington

        Yes the reply was we will pass that on and get back to you. I have won lot’s of stuff and this has never happened.

        • Sabrina Washington
          • FreebieShark

            Sorry Sabrina…that’s really a let down and a poor decision by Coca-Cola. Not a way to keep a happy customer 🙁

          • Sabrina Washington

            I agree! I’m over the $25 winnings but they say even if their system sends you a winning confirmation it’s up to them to honor it. Now that is terrible and unfair to people who support them. Thanks for listening to my rant Jason. Have a great weekend.

          • FreebieShark

            No problem Sabrina. Wish I could help you! 🙁 Hope you had a wonderful weekend