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Beat Inflation! 7 Ways to Save at The Grocery Store

The price of EVERYTHING has gone up… and keeps rising! Everyone is feeling the burn of inflation, so Sharky has some awesome tips on ways to save at the grocery store. These tips have lessened the pressure of higher prices for me, so I hope they help you out, too!

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  1. Grocery Store Apps: There is a treasure trove of savings and benefits when you download your favorite grocery store apps.  Not only are there instant coupons you can save to your account and use at checkout, you’ll also see the current sales. Plus, you may be able to rack up points or rewards that will help you save more in the future in-store, or at the gas pump. Don’t blow off the potential of your grocery store app – because if you do, you’re really missing out on some huge savings!
  2. Digital Couponing: Clipping coupons, remembering to take them to the store, and using them at checkout can be a huge hassle. That’s why I love that the new way to coupon is ALL DIGITAL! Your phone is all you need to score freebies and discounts at the grocery store. Even better, digital couponing can be used in conjunction with the grocery store apps to maximize your savings. Learn more about digital couponing, and watch for weekly posts here on Freebie Shark for the best freebies & money makers at Walmart!
  3. Meal Prep & Plan: Planning your meals can help you save tons at the grocery store, especially with rising prices. Before deciding what you’ll prepare for the week, check your fridge, freezer & pantry. Use what you have first, because wasted food is money in the trash! Sticking to a specific menu will also help you stick to your budget. Base your weekly meal plan on the grocery store sales to save the most.
  4. Skip Pre-Packaged Fresh Food: Pre-cut cheeses, meats, fruits, and veggies cost more. It’s definitely worth pinching the pennies and putting in a little more elbow grease when it comes to your groceries. Skip pre-packaged fresh foods. Instead, grab larger bags at better prices per ounce. Prep, cut, and peel them yourself, then freeze what you won’t use right away.
  5. The Freezer is Your Friend: Invest in a deep freezer. These larger freezers can be found for under $200, and will save you TONS of money throughout the year. By prepping, packaging and freezing meat, cheese, veggies, fruits, and even nuts, you’ll keep them fresh longer. Watch your grocery store sales, and when ribs or broccoli hit a low sale price, stock up! Instead of heading to the store for the fresh foods you want when they aren’t on sale, you can shop from your deep freeze!
  6. Switch Stores: Check and compare grocery store ads to see who is offering the items you need at discounted prices every week. When you’re willing to shop different stores, you’ll be able to score more for less. The lowest price on produce might be at one store, but your favorite dairy products might be on sale at another. Right now, every penny counts, so consider browsing more than one store to save the most.
  7. Shop with Cash: Instead of throwing what looks good in your cart without thinking, stick to your list, and pay with cash. When you pay with cash, you’re forced to stick to a very strict budget. You’ll get much more give and take when you pay with a card or app, and when saving the most money possible is the goal, cash is a great option to keep you within a specific spending amount.

What are your best budgeting tips? Share them in the comments so others can save, too!


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