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at 8:36 am
by Jason
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Are you over the age of 21? If so, you can enter this Beringer Main & Vine Wine Instant Win Game for a shot at winning 1 of 6,852 awesome prizes! Prizes include barbecue grills, Ray-Ban sunglasses, ice cream makers, concert tickets, gift cards, and more. Select any wine/retailer from the list and use code ZY9XCBSP to enter everyday through December 31st, 2019. Good luck! Void in UT. (Thanks, Suzanne & Deb!)

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  • Sebo cis

    Code is not working :/

  • cindyblakemore

    baseball tickets $78 gift card per rules our household can’t win again till the 2nd entry period in Sept ,but very happy good luck all

  • shayne sleeper

    can’t enter. says,

    The code you entered is invalid or already used. Please check your code and try again

    • nicole

      it doesn’t work in california!! wtf

      • shayne sleeper

        Lol a wine sweeps that doesn’t work in wine country. Lol. I entered the last one from Beringer. I want a Dyson vacuum dang it. It just says void in UT.

        • nicole

          that’s the confusing part, it says void in utah, it should work for cali residents.

        • Ricky Painter

          I won a Dyson vacuum on the last one and it is an Awesome Vacuum 🙂

      • Christy Priest

        Use this code LMSHF9FM 😊

        • nicole

          thank you!!

          • Christy Priest


  • SoCal Indi

    Code doesn’t work multiple times.

  • Teedie Thomas

    Just won a standing wine cooler..thanks!

  • Christy Priest

    Use code LMSHF9FM works for CA residents

    • RenaD

      Thanks for the info!!!

      • Christy Priest

        You’re welcome

    • tina marie aguilar

      Thank you.

  • Lorinda Connor

    Never win on this one, lol but won 25.00 last night on novamex plus 100.00 on novamex 4 weeks ago

  • Steph Lesliebonton

    won the grill today!

    • FreebieShark

      Congratulations Steph! NICE win!

      • Steph Lesliebonton

        Thank you! Super excited!

    • Mag

      WTG! I’ve entered daily, usually late night, and haven’t won anything. Enjoy that gorgeous grill!

      • Steph Lesliebonton

        Thank you!

        • Kari Schmidt

          congrats! I won the grill too!! did you receive your prize yet? I know it comes in a giftcard and im curious how long it took. i won over 3 weeks ago.

          • Steph Lesliebonton

            I still haven’t got it & I won a month ago – congrats on your win

          • Lou Jenkins

            I won a grill in mid-July and also haven’t heard anything.

          • Steph Lesliebonton

            I got my gift card today!

          • Kari Schmidt

            Yay! Did it state to use the card to buy grill or no?

          • Kari Schmidt

            I got the card today! Yippie!

    • Ricky Painter

      Awesome 🙂

  • Adrien Beatty

    I won the designer sunglasses right now! Play this every day and don’t give up. Best of luck!

    • Nicole Parsons

      Congrats! I have been trying every day and still nothing.

      • Daphne Taylor

        I know; me too. Maybe our turn is coming soon!!

  • K

    I just won the Corkpull Wine Opener.

  • Carmela

    Won a cutting board

  • Carmela

    Won a cutting board… 😀

  • Mrs.HellFire

    what times do yall usually pllay and win?

  • April M.

    Won the Apple Pie subscription (Goldbely $588 gift card) in mid-July. Just received the code yesterday. In case anyone else won, you can use the gift card for other things if you don’t want the monthly pie for a year. Thank you so much Jason!

  • Prescott Williamson

    I won some designer sunglasses on this one with the code provided and it was about 9am in the morning central time when I won. I am in Texas

  • Erinlovesdeals

    I just won a Winter Wreath. Sounds good to me!

  • Hollie S

    Won $50 stubhub gift card a few weeks ago

  • Nicole Parsons

    For everyone that has won what time did everyone play to win a prize? I have been trying every day at different times and no such luck. Would love to win on this one!

    • Smg9257

      I won at 12:15 am.

    • Lib Sweeps

      I play everyday between 8am – 2pm…No wins:(

    • Kristi Kinton

      I just won played at 7:30 am Eastern.

      • Shane A

        Congrats Kristi!

  • cindyblakemore

    $78 gift card came today

  • Ricky Painter

    I have won a bag and a apron on this one and I won a Dyson Vacuum on the last one. I usually enter after midnight central time. Goodluck All 🙂

  • Joann Giugliano Magoch

    Im still waiting i won the table cloth about a month ago woohoo i heatd its a gift card

  • sandra hatfield

    code no longer valid

  • Abigail Schuette

    Code dosent work

  • Abigail Schuette

    It says the code dosent work

    • it does work, you might be entering another space at the end or at beginning on accident. I’ve done that myself

  • Abigail Schuette
    • Danica

      I’ve been able to play with this code: LMSHF9FM

      • Abigail Schuette

        Thank you!!!! It works!!!

  • HappyOne


    • nicole

      I won over 2 months ago and haven’t received my prize, either. have you tried emailing them?

      • judi

        I also won on 9/7 and have not received my prize. Has anyone contacted them?

        • nicole

          I’ll email and let you know if/when I get a response

          • Judi

            I actually received it yesterday. It was from prize logic and had to sign for it. Thank you so much!

          • nicole

            Awesome! Did it come from Michigan? I have something being delivered tomorrow from there, insured up to $100.

          • Judi

            Yes maam. Did you get it?