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by Jason
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How cool would it be to win an $8,000 check? There’s only eight winners in this Eight O’Clock Coffee $8,000 Sweepstakes, but as I always say — you can’t win if you don’t enter! Be sure to get your one-time entry in by August 11th. You get one entry automatically for filling out the form and you can earn additional entries by playing the game. I would be so happy to see a FreebieSharker win this prize! Good luck! (Thanks, Nicole!)

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  • SoCal Indi

    This link is for some dumb game I can’t get it to play. Just clicking around nothing happens.

    • Lorie Kollock

      Me too

  • SMF

    That was fun! 😀

  • i am stuck on Level 4… the Fuse box 🙁 Help ?

    • shayne sleeper

      you need two fuses, one is on a shelf i think. one is in a cupboard.

      • Sorry it’s the Grinding Station . I can click on 2 wires on the bottom that turn green but no idea what to do

        • shayne sleeper

          oh you mean the one with all the wires?

          you have to click in order. Reading the top wires from left to right: say the first is wire starts light brown, find light brown end on bottom and click first, say the next one is grey find the button that has they grey wire going to it… you know? i don’t know the order but i hope that helps. just match the top wire color from left to right by clicking the same colors on bottom.

          • Duh ! I must had a blond or senior moment . Makes total sense now lol . Thanks so much !

  • HTaylor

    It took me a little while to figure it out but once I did, it was fun!

  • Holly

    Challenging, but fun!

  • Mary

    Ok, it said I completed all 8 levels (with lots of cuss words I might add) but I got some weird number of entries like 38…? Does anybody else remember how many entries they got? Also, it said I had received “all” of my entries and “thank you for playing”, but I never filled out anything to register like my name, email, etc. …? Do they automatically get all my info they need when I clicked on Connect with Facebook? … Way to make a confusing sweepstakes Eight-o-Clock Coffee! =/

  • margie Adickes

    I was one of the first to finish the game..It was so much fun!!! When I got stumped I took a break and went back to it and found more things…It was a challenge!!! Keep them coming!!! Thanks!!! 8 oclock coffee…