Freebie Tips



Here are some recommendations for you when signing up for free stuff, it’s always good to reference to these tips!

  1. Make an extra email address using Yahoo or Gmail to submit when you want to get your freebie!
  2. If you use Firefox (which you should) download the Google toolbar and fill up the autofill feature. Whenever you press the autofill button, all of your information automatically appears in the fields for faster sign ups. If you unfortunately do not use Firefox, download RoboForm so you can autofill website forms. Do this to save time, and in return get more freebies!
  3. If you start digging up older posts on this site don’t expect a lot of them to work anymore. Freebies tend to expire fast, so it’s always good to come on this site and sign up for the freebies on the front page, those are the newest!

More tips coming soon!