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6 Ways to Get Free Diapers

Parents and non-parents alike know just how expensive babies are! Diapers are a huge part of a baby budget, and that can get overwhelming! Here are some tried and true, easy ways to get diapers for FREE!

Rewards Programs

Popular rewards programs are a great way to earn points with purchases, and redeem them for free diapers!

  • Pampers Club: buy Pampers, scan the code, earn points! Redeem your points for gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Target and other great places, where you can turn around and use those gift cards to score free diapers!
  • Huggies Rewards: similar to Pampers, you’ll scan codes and earn points – plus there are surveys and other ways to earn points. Redeem for Huggies products or gift cards to use on future diaper purchases!

Baby Registry

Create a baby registry to score freebies for baby, including diapers! The Amazon Family program offers a registry, as does Target, Buy Buy Baby, and Walmart. Plus, you’ll score discount codes for purchases. You can also use this opportunity to let friends and family know you’re accepting diapers as gifts for baby showers and other events.

Doctor Offices

Score some diapers from your baby’s doctor! Pediatricians often times have tons of samples on hand, and are more than happy to hand them out. You can also ask your doctor for local resources that will aid you in getting more free diapers if you’re truly in need.

Request Samples 

One of the best ways to get free diapers is to just ASK!  Brands are willing to send free samples for you to try out, in an attempt to gain your loyalty. Email or contact customer service and let them know you’d like samples to help you decide if that’s the brand for you! Here are some companies to contact:

    Diaper Banks

    Did you know there’s a National Diaper Bank Network!? This provides low-income families with free diapers that you can pick up in your own town. You can also check with local churches and community resource centers like food banks for aid in getting free diapers. Call 211 to find help. Additionally, if you get WIC, you can ask representatives how to get free or cheap diapers. You’ll also want to check with your state for resources. For example, Texas offers freebies for up to 3 years!

    Coupons + Sales + Rewards

    We often see almost free or totally free diapers when you combine digital coupons, sales, and store or cash back rewards!  For example, Target and drugstores like CVS might offer a $10 gift card or rewards when you purchase $40 worth of specific brands of diapers. Use coupons (digital or printable) and cash back apps to lower your final cost – which can be FREE!

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