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by Jason
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Calling all Sam’s Club members! Yesterday, Walmart announced that they are closing 63 Sam’s Club stores. To keep customers happy, they are offering you a FREE 3-Month Membership Extension or a full refund (via e-gift card or check)! Be sure to take advantage of this by March 31st. Be sure to spread the word to all Sam’s Club members that you know!

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  • Greg Westervel;t

    Why waste my money on this shit management in the first place Costco is smiling about this, My wife and I were looking at Sams and Costco, so it looks like you made the decision for me.

  • travelingfools

    Entered the info, and received an email stating it was extended. Checked account and it hasn’t changed the expiration date.

    • Barbara Wickham

      My email said it will take 3 to 5 days to activate so wait and check back to see of it was extended.

      • travelingfools

        Thanks! I somehow missed that, so i will wait and check next week.

  • Deb

    I just got an email back, this deal is only good for people who got notified that their Sam’s Club is closing, NOT for everybody.

    Dear Deborah,

    We received your request for a 3-month extension of your Sam’s Club membership.
    This extension is only for members who received a notice about their club
    closure. As such, we are unable to process your request and apologize for the

    If you feel you should have received a club closure notification but did not,
    please contact Member Services at 1-888-746-7726.


    Your Sam’s Club Member Services Team

  • sharpasice

    I got an email that said my membership had been extended on Jan 12th. Today I got the same email that Deborah got! This is no way to keep a customers in their few remaining stores. Thanks for trying though freebie shark..