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at 6:25 pm
by Jason
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Calling all Sam’s Club shoppers! Walmart made a surprising announcement today that they will be closing 63 Sam’s Club locations within the next few weeks. In fact, some locations closed their doors today — and the employees were not notified ahead of time. About 50 of the 63 locations will be closing their doors for good and about 10-12 stores are expected to be converted to regional distribution centers to fulfill online orders. Go over here for more information.

What are your thoughts regarding this surprising announcement?

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    To get a refund of your Sam’s Club membership, call 1-888-746-7726. Follow the prompts to speak to an agent.

    They will need to verify all of your info.

    You can choose an egift card in your email within seven business days, or a check in the mail in 4-6 weeks.

    From what I understand, it will be a full refund.

    I just called and it took less than five minutes. I am so upset over this. 🙁

    • lizzie

      Sad news but thank you for this useful information.

  • gldxprnc

    ive never shopped there…

  • grandma_grapes

    I cannot access list of closings. Does anyone else list beside Business Insider?

  • Lindsey Smith

    I’m glad my son left his job there a month ago! He had a better opportunity. It just sucks when these business close and blindside their employees!

  • MattL

    I love my SamsClub membership. See why life is better in the club. Join now and get a $20 gift card!