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at 11:19 am
by Jason
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Domino’s just texted me “Your claim link will be sent around 1PM ET“, so be ready! Domino’s Pizza will be giving away over 37,000 FREE Domino’s Pizza Gift Cards! You must have previously signed up to be eligible. You’ll get a text when it goes live. It’s first come first served and the higher value gift cards will go first. Gift cards will vary in value from $100 to $4. Let us know what you score!

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  • CannabisIsNotEvil

    I get the feeling these are all predetermined as every time i click my link it says it’s already been claimed and I get a worthless coupon

    • Julie Awah

      It is. People were saying they got gift cards minutes before I even got the text.

    • Chelsea

      I one the first few times but now I don’t get the message until 3 minutes late. I always get it at 1:03. My husband sitting right next to me got his sent at 1 on the dot and got a gift card. I agree it’s predetermined lol

  • Marigold96

    I got a $10 gift card!

  • JennyLynn241


  • Kristen Yamada


  • Julie Awah

    Normally if you are actually going to win something you will receive the text before the stated time for example 12:58 ET instead of the stated 1ET. If you get a text after that time you will not be getting anything.

  • Mary

    I’m so tired of getting my hopes up for these things. I saw the text pop up on my phone and clicked it before my phone even had a chance to make the notify sound…and still I was somehow “too late.” >:(

    • AngryGirl

      Same here. Keep telling myself to stop signing up for this, but I keep signing up only to be dissappointed.

      • Krishna M

        Can I get 20% coupon if you are not using it? Thanks in advance. You can send it to

  • Beth G

    I received the email at 12:57, and still only got a $5 gift card. Better than nothing!

  • gracienap

    I did not even get the text!

  • Judy Gregory

    No text.

  • AngryGirl

    20% off which is nothing. Haven’t received a gift card in a long time. Always get the text late or are too late even when I get the text. Do not believe the text is sent out to everyone at the same time. Used to get Domino’s 🍕🍕 all the time, but since these giveaways leave me unimpressed, my spending money at Domino’s has decreased down to zero. Guess it is frozen pizza for me. But if anyone wants to give away their gift card, let me know. ☺☺

  • Sam Mutone

    nothing, but said i was faster than like 130,000 people?

  • Krishna M

    Can I get 20% coupon if anyone not using it? Thanks in advance.

  • Cheryl Thompson Byrum

    Um why does mine say hasn’t started?? What a joke

  • gracienap

    i finally got my texts…at 2 AM !!