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I am very pleased to announce yet another awesome new feature! Have you ever missed out on a HOT freebie, coupon, or deal? Yeah…I am sure most of you have! Well now, you won’t ever miss a deal again…You can sign up to FREE FreebieShark HOT Deal Text Alerts! As most of you know, we do post many offers daily on FreebieShark. You’ll only receive text message alerts for the HOT time sensitive offers (such as first 10,000).

  • Sign up by texting Follow FreebieSharkHOT or On FreebieSharkHOT to 40404. You’ll immediately be signed up. The next time we post a HOT time sensitive offer, you’ll be alerted right away via text! Depending on the day, you may get anywhere from 0-4 texts. You can unsubscribe at any time by replying back “STOP” or “OFF”.

Standard text messaging rates apply, but the text message alerts are 100% completely FREE!

  • OR if you have a Twitter account, here’s an EASIER way of signing up. This also helps avoid any random texts from Twitter. Head on over here and either log in or register for a Twitter account. Then click the “Follow” button on our Text Alerts Page. After doing so, click the icon located to the left of the “Follow” button, then click “Turn on Mobile Notifications”. Then simply follow the quick instructions to sign up! (Thanks for the tip, Sherry!)
  • I signed up for this an hour ago and it said something welcome to twitter then i had to sign up I guess but read your thing about ignore it so I did and you have posted 3 things and haven’t receive any text alert. So I am taking it that I need to sign up for Twitter then?

    • FreebieShark

      Hi Bonnie! No, you can ignore that. I didn’t post a HOT offer yet since you’ve signed up. You’ll get a text the next time a HOT offer is posted 🙂 Hopefully soon!

  • Mery

    I tried to sign up but came back as: The username FreebieSharkHOT” was not found. Did you misspell it?

    • FreebieShark

      Try again..make sure that you don’t have any spaces! “Follow FreebieSharkHOT” to 40404. It should work fine.. no one else had this issue! 🙂


      • Mery

        Thank You Jason!

  • BellaRose

    So cool. Unfortunately I have no data plan, but if I did I would sign up. Just love this site. 🙂

  • Mine went to Twitter!?!?!? Confused!!!

    • FreebieShark

      It’s a service powered by Twitter. Ignore the first message you get from Twitter.. Did you get a second message after?

  • D

    REALLY appreciate the text messages for the hot deals, but am getting some texts for posts that aren’t time sensitive (e.g., Sunday mail call). Not a huge deal but some of them are sent very early in the morning (must be in different time zones?) Any way to change this?

    • FreebieShark

      Hi D! It seems like you are subscribed to the main FreebieShark text alerts, which includes ALL of our posts.
      Be sure to text “Follow FreebieSharkHOT” to 40404. I believe you left
      out the word “HOT” originally and that’s why you have been getting all
      the texts

      • D

        I’m pretty sure I typed in the whole thing the first time, but I re-subscribed just in case. Now I’m not getting things that are time sensitive like swagcodes :-/

        • FreebieShark

          I don’t include Swagcodes in the Hot offer alerts at this time, but I am considering doing so. Primarily this is for the hot freebies that are very time sensitive! It should be right now!

  • Tiffany


  • Brianna

    can I cancel alerts anytime?

    • Amanda


  • nycmulan

    awesome new feature! thanks!

  • cking

    HI Jason

    I also had the same issue the first time I tried I received a text that said welcome to Twitter, so I sent the full text again and it said: The username FreebieSharkHOT” was not found. Did you misspell it? So I then sent it again using “Follow FreebieSharkHOT” and nothing this time…am I doing something wrong?

  • Andrea

    How do you stop texts so we will know for future reference?

    • Amanda

      Reply STOP to the text message

  • I love your website!!! now, i won’t miss any deals!! thank you!!

  • i did that, but don’t get them… not sure why…. ugh

  • frebbie lover

    when i try to compose it comes back invalid

  • aj

    how do i stop getting texts? they are taking up my minutes, and I don’t want to get them anymore. i sent 2 emails, and i don’t know if they even went through. thank you.

    • FreebieShark

      I never got your e-mails. Just text back “STOP” to stop getting text alerts.

  • tina


    I signed up and still not getting alerts, help.

    • FreebieShark

      What error did you get? Try again..make sure that you don’t have any spaces! “Follow
      FreebieSharkHOT” to 40404. It should work fine!

  • andi722000

    How do you unsubscribe, too many texts!

    • FreebieShark

      Just reply back “STOP” to the text 🙂

  • topcat

    signed up for free text alerts sended me about joining twitter ????

    • FreebieShark

      It’s powered by Twitter! 🙂


    I am going to be charge for the text?

    • FreebieShark

      Standard text rates do apply, but the service is free.

  • I am confused about the “text messaging rates apply”, I have unlimited text on my plan — do I still have to pay for these msgs. from you????

    • FreebieShark

      No- our messages are FREE. If you have unlimited texting, you are fine! 🙂 No charges, ever, from us.

  • I do not twitter so will I still get the text alerts?

    • FreebieShark


  • Why am I receiving “Top Tweets?” I only want to receive your latest time sensitive giveaways..that’s the only reason I signed up… thanks !!

    • FreebieShark

      Hmm that is odd. Try using the alternate method of signing up and let me know if you still are having this issue.


      • Thanks for the reply! I haven’t got any more “top tweets”, but I haven’t got any new time sensitive giveaway text messages either. I saw that I missed a campbell’s giveaway…thanks!!!

  • mariposa72

    Hi. I also got the “twitter message”, but I ignored it s well so I hope I still get the offers. Especially the one when the Venus goes LIVE tomorrow. I waited for hours today and the second I thought it was safe to do something else real quick… gone.

  • ladymorgan222

    HI, I signed up for your texts and started getting them a few days ago, however they stopped coming to my phone …didn’t get any of todays!! HELP!

  • psyjax

    how can i claim the 5$

  • Thanks!

  • joyce

    I’ve tried the twitter and I’ve tried the text message and I do not get any of the hot texts or tweets wish you had just a app for us with smartphones

    • gugiebug83

      You guys should definitely make an APP 🙂

  • I did this and started getting texts in Spanish from cnnMex

    • FreebieShark

      Weird- try replying “STOP” then try signing up using the alternate method provided in the post above 🙂 That should fix it! Not sure why you had this problem 🙁

  • doreen stowers

    Receiving tweets from “Top Tweets” Received 4 tweet from them in a matter of minutes!! I only want to get them from Freebie Shark!!

    • FreebieShark

      Weird- try replying “STOP” then try signing up using the alternate method provided in the post above 🙂 That should fix it!

  • gugiebug83

    You guys should make an APP 🙂

  • Hi Jason, thanks a lot for your work here! I have one question about this option: do we need to sign up again in order to always get the alerts? Because I’ve seen sometimes people saying they just got the alert for a freebie when I did not (but fortunately I was in my PC and looking at my interests list). Please let me know what can I do and thanks in advance for your answer.

    • FreebieShark

      Hmm that is odd. No- you only need to sign up once. Try replying “STOP” then try signing up using the alternate method provided in the post above 🙂 That should fix it! Not sure what is wrong exactly!

  • cdrawls

    ummmm I just got a text for scotch restickable shapers samples for 5 days ago….not a good heads up lol

    • FreebieShark

      Did you just sign up? When you sign up, you’ll get the latest hot offer text alert sent to you automatically, even if it is expired. Wish I could remove that, but I can’t!

  • How do I unsubscribe from text message alerts? Thanks

    • FreebieShark

      Hi- Simply reply back “OFF” or “STOP” to unsubscribe.

  • Great

  • vicki

    i’m signed up but all i’m getting is top tweets . I went to the head on over page and think I messed everything up from there. I don’t know who or what im signed up for or who or if im following anyone. getting very discouraged

  • Hi. Thank you so much for your site. However it seems when I get a email from you and go into some great deals its already expired, your email just came thru too.

  • I am not on twitter. Do I have to? I am new to this and don’t understand. sorry

  • don’t you have an app?????

  • Dawn Thompson McMenamy

    Do you sell our phone numbers to other businesses?

    • FreebieShark

      Never. I don’t even get to see your phone numbers, it’s all through Twitter, and Twitter is completely safe and never sells your info!

  • tangled27

    You should make an app! I love your mobile website but apple offers the notification settings on new posts and that would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

  • Jessica Jones

    do i have to have a twitter account?

  • Kendra Armer

    Thank you guys!

  • Laura Veytia

    I just want to sign up for the text alerts it is asking sign in for twitter which i am not a member of twitter can you please let me know what to do thanks?

  • Holly

    Is there a way to get these texts via email; like besides the end of the day email? Thanks!

  • stacy

    Wanted to get text message alerts, but your signup for that made me a twitter account.Don’t want a twitter !!! How do I get texts for your hot deals? And how do I close the twitter account?!

  • Bonnie

    Just read through all we have to do to get Alerts. I don’t have Twitter or phone texting. Why can’t we just fill out a simple form?

  • Dorothy Yates

    I want the free burger without giving out my phone number~ Can I get this e-mailed to me?

  • ElenaR

    How to stop texts from Twitter? Not cool!

  • Michele Cavanaugh

    won’t let me on the page anymore… why?

  • tori

    I agree you should make a app

  • Jeanie Potter

    lov to win

  • Wendy

    Thank you…I get alot of Freebie when Freebie Shark them, I have even switched over to some of the products I have received for free and this is the whole point of the companies doing this…Fun for me, Thank you

  • vague01

    Strange…I signed up for text alerts and have not gotten a one since signing up!

  • Rose Mader

    I do not use my twitter so it will not let me use it.

  • samie

    I signed up tp get your texts but it keeps saying something about TOP TWEETS. I dont have a twitter account, I would like to get just the texts for the giveaways am i doing something wrong. I used to get the texts but i changed phones but keopt the same number I just signed up again last week to get the texts.

  • D

    So this is just to follow you on twitter, don’t you have a separate app like most freebie sites?

  • Tammy

    The tweets are expired offers

  • Tammy Wishman Worley

    i Dont understand when an item (Lysol) comes up 23 min ago. And they have 10,000 available and the item haas already expired. So i SIGN UP FOR THE TEXTING TO GET THE NOTICE RIGHT WAY AND I AM NEVER NOTIFIED. This happens with every single item!

  • Mariangel Ramirez

    I joined to the text alerts, but it tells me something about twitter, I only want to receive freebie text alerts, not twitter, is there something I can do?

  • Angie

    Texted but nothing

  • Karen Hamilton

    i am not getting your texts and when i did sign up it signed me up for a twitter account and i have one already!!!

  • Angela Fritze Chadwick

    I was getting them for a long time and it just stopped… I just resigned up…hope that works. LOVE your site..thanks! You don’t need a twitter account just text follow freebieshark to 40404

    • diane tridente

      When I text freebieshark I don’t get a response When I text hot freebie shark they set up a twitter account and I don’t want one

  • Frank Hornsby

    TK YOU All. go with GOD..

  • Frank Hornsby

    How can I get a FREE

  • Teresa McKee

    I would like to know what is wrong with my phone that I am not getting the text or is it strictly twitter?

  • Teressa Adkins

    I also wanted text alerts not twitter account so now what??

  • Dawn

    I would like to sign up for the phone alerts but it says i need a twitter but i dont have one or want one.. Please help! 🙂

  • Natasha

    How do i get free stuff?

  • Melanie

    I just signed up for texts. I’m not understanding the twitter part. Is it saying that I need to sign up for or have a twitter account? I do not want a twitter account. So does this mean I will not be receiving your “hot” freebies texts?

    • FreebieFalling

      You signed up for the texts and it’s telling you to sign up for (or have) a Twitter account? This whole thing is so confusing, it’s preventing me from signing up for any alerts. all I want is a simple EMAIL ALERT for the Hot Freebies, with no texting and no Twitter. I don’t understand what that’s not even an option.

  • cj

    missed this one, but got the last one…ugggh we love pizza here

  • Sara

    Does this work with non-smartphone phones? I tried doing this before and never got a confirmation text or anything…after a couple days I got a text about stuff on Twitter and replied ‘Stop’.
    I’ll try again but any tips if it doesn’t work? Thank you!

    • Sara

      Too bad I can’t delete this! It worked ^^ That always seems to happen with me, once I decide to go ask someone for help, everything magically starts working. Haha, oh well thank you anyway I really want some of these free coupon products! >.<

  • Mallory3k

    When I sign up should I get a confirmation text?

  • FreebieFalling

    The “how to sign up” verbage is misleading. It doesn’t even mention that the first method is ALSO via Twitter, which I don’t want to join or sign up for. Then the second method mentions Twitter, as if Twitter is an ALTERNATE method. Too bad…. I would also have liked a straight-to-email type of alerts, as I check my emails on my phone all day long.

    • FreebieShark

      Hi, the first method does NOT require you to sign up for a Twitter account. Did it prompt you to join? It’s not supposed to.

      • FreebieFalling

        Then I don’t understand what people THINK they’re signing up for after they say they didn’t mean to sign up with Twitter and wound up doing so. What did they do to accidentally create a Twitter account if there’s only two choices, Twitter and Text?

  • ChrisHayes1

    Just curious, is there anything built in so I don’t get text messages in the middle of the night while sleeping?

    • FreebieShark

      Hi Chris, you should not be getting texts i the middle of the night. Can you please tell me what the text read?

      • ChrisHayes1

        I was thinking of signing up for alerts but just wanted to make sure first 🙂 cheers

        • FreebieShark

          You’re welcome! Enjoy Chris!

  • mary

    I signed up for your text messages. I have noticed every week or so I stop receiving messages from you. I always have to sign up again to receive text. I have missed quite a bit of the promotions because of this. I just wanted to let you know and see if anyone else is having this problem. Thank you.

    • FreebieShark

      Hi Mary, I have not sent a text out since February 16th… hopefully a hot freebie pops up soon! When is the last time you got a text?

  • JennE

    I signed up for texts, but it says I joined Twitter. I don’t tweet and don’t care to. You need an app with notifications (hint-hint).

  • emma rossman or (678)228-4526

  • Robin M

    I thought I would get text message alerts from what your message states, and my text message said tweets…..really????….I don’t tweet. What is it text messages for ALERTS or tweets?

  • Kay7kay7

    i’m trying to sign up for text alerts and it is saying i have to sign up for twitter??? please help

  • Mary

    8585300315 I can’t figure out the texting. Please add me

  • Wanda K. Erkamp

    I’m already signed up and get your text messages is this something else?

  • four

    i work for this company text me if you have any issues. 847-912-7309

  • Roberta Fields

    how do I sign up on a cell phone??

  • Maria Zayas

    Es un buen producto

  • Jennifer Vasquez


  • ChrisC

    Iget error : Sorry, this account is currently suspended and cannot be followed right now. How do I fix that?

    • FreebieShark

      Can you please tell me what exactly you typed in your phone (including spaces)? It shouldn’t have said that. Thanks

      • ChrisC

        Exact text messages:
        Me: Follow FreebieSharkHOT
        40404: Sorry, this account is currently suspended and cannot be followed right now.

        • FreebieShark

          Incredibly odd. I just tried it on my moms phone and it worked with no problems. I am going to look into this more for you. The account is definitely not suspended, I am confused why that error is coming up for you. Hoping to get an answer for you

          • ChrisC

            Awesome! Thank you for your help.

  • Kimberly Tismee

    I keep trying to sign up. I use to get text alerts, and they stopped. I mad a twitter, which I don’t use. They still won’t come.

  • Lisa Stanley

    thanks sherry !

  • Lisa Stanley

    this old laptop my brother gave me deleted all my stuff !! SORRY

  • dan


  • Tracey Jones

    Just tried to join and it Welcomed me to Twitter which I don’t use.

  • Ismerai hernandez

    I would like to join the websites

  • tary diaz

    i texted the word follow freebiesharkhot to the 40404 number and its telling me that the follow command its no longer supported. for an updated list of supported tweeter sms commands I have to click on an other link, what is this all about?

  • tda9566

    The text alerts are the best! I haven’t missed a freebie yet that was sent to me via Hot Offer Text alerts! Keep’em coming FS!!