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at 8:50 am
by Jason
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Get ready! Dr. Oz will be giving away FREE Eucerin Lotion ($10.76 value)!  The first 3,000 to complete the short request form at 12PM ET will score this freebie. The form will be removed once all 3,000 have been given away…so if you filled out the form, you likely got one! (Thanks, Chyla!)

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  • JonDenise DillonRanta

    scam , it ended at 1201 et

    • Nesa Rocha

      I checked its still up.

    • Marie L.

      Not a scam…I have scored a few freebies from Dr.Oz including a coupon for a bottle of Eucerin shower 🚿 lotion…You just have to be quick…

      • Brandye1980

        Yesssss Gotta be FAST!

    • Brandye1980

      He never post any scam links NEVER….

  • Nesa Rocha

    Got it. Thank you 😊

  • Courtney Jones

    Got it, thanks!

  • belle

    ENDED 🙁 – was gone in 2 minutes

  • kerri w

    ended in like a minute 🙁 didn’t get one

    • Brandye1980

      Ended after first 3000 I have been doing giveaways and freebie for 4 years this is the first time I have scored a dr. oz giveaway in about 6 months

  • Marie L.

    I was able to get one…Thanx again,Jason😊

  • Ginger

    I got it………Thanks

  • Mike

    It said for me good luck about the sweepstakes. I thought it was a giveaway.

  • Kimberly S

    I filled out the form, them it says it ended. It’s not right… 12:02. Not right

    • Joss

      They went by really quick I was able to score one within the first minute but when I reloaded the page it already ended

    • Brandye1980

      They go really fast if you got the form that said thank you for submitting and winners will be announced you most likely will get it

  • Ginger

    It has ended now…………
    We’re sorry, this giveaway has ended.

  • Julie Pittman

    I got in and after I entered told me I would be told if I got it

  • Shay Shay

    I was able to fill out the form so hopefully I got it