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at 9:33 am
by Jason
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UPDATE: They are all out, but you can still get a FREE tote bag! Yummy freebie alert! Register for Loacker Insiders and take the survey under the earn points section to score a FREE Loacker Cookies Insider Box! Once you take the quick survey, you’ll be able to redeem for the freebie. You can expect this freebie to arrive within 6 to 8 weeks!

➡ Don’t forget to sign up for FREE Hot Offer Text Alerts so you never miss a hot offer!

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  • Gail Smith

    Thank you Jason. I signed up for this yesterday with 🎁🎈🎈🚤☺

  • Robert Schwartz

    got it thx!

  • Diane Cunningham

    it said unlocked but does that mean I get the box of cookies?

    • Rita

      I think so…but mine also said to check your address and it didn’t give me another option to do so – so 6 – 8 week later…we will see!

      Thanks Jason – this sounds like a fun-one!

      • sherrygs

        I had the same experience

    • nicole

      Ignore my last reply, it was based too much on assumptions.
      Did you redeem your points after it unlocked the reward?

    • crikit

      Once you see the unlocked message, click Redeem. It will then take you to a confirmation page to verify your address.

  • crikit

    Got one. Thanks!

  • dizzylady1012

    Thank you!!!

  • AngryGirl

    Could not get pass the registration. Page keeps getting stuck at the quiz part. Tried on the computer and still can’t sign up nor log in. Can’t get this to work.

    • Fern

      I had the same issue. Tried to register 3 times. Kept going back to the beginning every time I hit the “send answers” button.

  • Thank ya!

  • Debbie M.

    Got it. Thanks! The site is running a little slow… probably due to traffic!

  • Carmela

    Thank you Jason got one I never heard of this now I signed up. Thank you for the text! 😊

  • Diane Cunningham

    okay I redeemed so got the box, didn’t see redeem button until now, thanks everybody who replied

  • Lisa

    Thank you I was able to get through, took the survey and got an eco-friendly shopping bag. The cookie box may be all gone

  • Dane Taylor

    SOLD OUT! All that’s available now is a shopping bag. 🙁

  • Julie Awah

    Got it unlocked but it’s sold out!! Bummer

  • Jodi

    Mine doesn’t show an Insider box. It only is letting me redeem for a shopping bag.

  • LeeAnn Pendergraph

    the cookies are sold out but you can redeem for a shopping bag

  • autumndandelion

    I got this one earlier when you sent the text message. Thanks! Looks like a great one.

  • Lyne

    They’re sold out of the cookie boxes 🙁

  • Connie Owen Cavazos

    They were out of the cookie boxes, I really wanted to try these 😐

  • Sara Watkins

    I unlocked it and now its sold out darn it

  • Tiffany

    This deal is back on!!!!!!

  • Ashely

    I just checked the website this morning and they have it in stock again!

  • AngryGirl

    Update, no one is getting anything. Their system was hacked so they are not sending out items.