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at 8:09 pm
by Jason
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Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 8.06.07 PMUPDATE: T-Shirt is now in-stock.. you can only get it if you haven’t already requested a freebie! Planters wants to give you a FREE Gift (Sweat Bands, Tie, Key Chain, or Lunch Bag)! Limit ONE item per household, so choose one of the following below:

  • FREE Sweat Bands: Just click the Facebook, Twitter, or E-mail share buttons on the upper right of the website located here to score FREE Sweatbands!
  • FREE Tie: Watch all of the videos under the tie section.
  • FREE Key Chain: Click on each of the all three sections.
  • FREE Lunch Bag: Listen to all 8 audio clips completely.

(Thank You, Jennifer & Breanna!)

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  • Francine

    Sweatbands are already gone.

  • Carolina

    it wont summit 🙁

    • Roberta Joan Baker

      cant even get in

  • LaShenny21

    I got the lunch bag!! WOOHOO!! Thank you!!

  • Alisha Smith

    im trying for the lunchbox but iclick all the little facethingsd and then nothing happens after ??

    • Jessika Evans

      Same thing for me

    • Layla

      Same 🙁

  • Donna Gibbs

    Watched all eight videos—-got message that I could redeem now or later—clicked redeem—-nothing happened!!!!

    • Reese

      Same here

      • Kandice Wright

        Unfortunately same here :((((((

    • Carolina

      same here

    • Janet

      Same thing for me.

    • Caroline Scott

      Same here.

    • Caroline Scott

      It did the same to me but I gave it some time and it popped up a form to fill out.

    • Dana

      After listening, go to the bottom of the page where it says succ-swag then go to the lunch bag. I was able to find the form there but I am not sure if it ever submitted.

  • Susan S., Tn

    Cant get in!!! 🙁

  • Tracey Isbell

    Your session has expired. Please go back and try again.

  • franniej74

    I watched all 8 face clips twice and nothing. Ugh.

  • Me

    so after the videos are done what is supposed to happen then?

  • Caroline Scott

    Well after refreshing multiple times and gave it some time it worked.


    Use it to show the world you’ve made the most important decision of your life.

    * Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipment for all items, except the Power of the Peanut Power Tie allow 8-10 weeks.

    • Reese

      Same here…finally got through. The site is getting slammed.

  • cdrawls

    I completed 2 of the tasks but nothing ever unlocked 🙁

  • Connie

    All I get is a message saying “Service unavailable” on all of them.

  • Ruth

    I listened to all 8 audio clips FIVE TIMES and nothing. Still locked. 🙁

    • Luci

      go to bottom where it says to someone’s else bag. There it will tell you to redeem now or later. its taking a while but give it some time.

  • Beautii31

    ty got the lunch bag woohoo!!!

    • T$

      How did you do it?

      • Beautii31

        I had tried like 2 times but I finally got through and got the lunch bag I did mine on my cell phone

  • Karen

    I can’t get anything to load, trying for 15 minutes

  • kim s.

    can’t get past the 8 guys talking

  • gracepapaseraphim

    sorry there’s an issue redeeming your prize. 🙁

    • debtmomof3

      same thing here 🙁

  • Susan S.,TN

    Watched all the videos and NOTHING!!! What else was I suppose to do??

  • Connie

    Watched all 8 face clips and all the videos and nothing happened now saying lunch bag are gone.

  • Shay

    I should of got the sweat bands when I had the chance now eveything is out but the keychain which I can’t figure out how to get. I wonder when the t shirt will be available.

  • rzar

    Tried for the forms appeared after watching all of the peanut videos, maybe they’re all out of ties..?

  • sherrygs

    I watched all the videos and it said to click to redeem for a bag, but nothing came up saying it went through or for me to give my address. Does anyone understand what happened. Thanks
    Oops i did watch the videos, but I really mean the face clips.

  • Charlotte

    Everything is out of stock

  • Tina

    I watched them also and nothing??????????

  • Dashleea Johnson

    Out of the lunch bag, so I guess I will wait for the ‘coming soon’ items like the t-shirt

  • lisa

    out of everything

  • michelle

    I got the shirt…It took a few moments but was worth the wait

  • Janice

    I keep downloading the picture and nothing happens…I have worked on this for 20 minutes, what next…..Scammmmmmmmmm!!!!!

  • Janice

    Watched all the videos twice……..