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at 9:06 am
by Jason
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Nature's BountyThe first 75,000 who fill out the short form will score a FREE Shaker Bottle from Nature’s Bounty! Don’t wait to request yours, this offer will not last long! Expect this to arrive within 6 to 8 weeks! The form will be removed once they’ve run out, so if you filled out the form, you got one. Let us know if you scored one! (Thanks, Connie & Janet!)

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  • Court

    Got it, love the text alerts!

  • Lorrie

    Got one, thank you!

  • sherry

    Got one, thank you!

  • Laura Priest Johnson

    It’s going really slow for me this time. I got one last time this was offered and loved this bottle…my SIL broke it, so I hope it will work for me!

  • ddberg5

    Got one too! Thank you! Love FreebieShark!


  • r

    I think I got it… the first page didn’t load up after submit, So i tried again. the second time it said they have my info. Here is hoping!

  • Marz

    I got one, thanks!

  • Carole

    Page won’t load now, I think we blew up a server!

    • Nicole

      Yeah, thats probably what happened, lol!

  • Ann

    link doesn’t work.

    • Ann

      Thank you for entering for a chance to win a Nature’s
      Bounty® Optimal Solutions® Shaker Bottle!

      If you’re one of the lucky 75,000 entrants you will
      receive your shaker bottle within 6-8 weeks.

      Thanks! It finally worked. 🙂

  • Diane Cline

    Got one. Thank you.

  • Mandie

    Think I got it. Thank you!!

  • Susan,TN

    Who knows??? Got form filled out, hit submit, & then would time out after about 2-3 mins. Page not available.. Tried numerous times and now page will not even load.. So not sure if I got one or not, hope so!!!

  • Michele Cavanaugh

    got one thanks

  • Kathi

    I got one! Thank you!!

  • Selena Goodson

    think i got saidi have entered to win

  • Lisa

    Got one! I said they would draw from the entries, but I think I got one. lol 🙂

    • Lisa


  • Sue

    Got it, thanks!

  • Lisa

    I think I got it lol thanks

  • emma


  • Réka

    Only ships to USA? :c

  • Tammy Mailhot

    wont load =(

  • jenise

    Not working

  • Jennifer Zwicker

    It went through so I guess we will see.

  • Nicole

    Yeah, it has a loading issue, I fill it all out then get a problem loading page. What should I do? Keep trying.

  • felixdacatt

    thank you–hopefully got one–
    wanted to report that I couldn’t get any of my 4 web browsers (safari, opera, firefox, google chrome) to load the form this morning on my iMac, but clicking the link through the alert text on my iPhone worked quickly & smoothly! yay! 🙂 thanks!

  • Erin Kelly

    Yeah I have only seen the form a few times but each time I fill it out and hit submit, it won’t load. :/

    • Erin Kelly

      Finally got it!

  • Lori L

    Damn page won’t friggen load!!!!!!

  • jenise

    Finally, but it says its a sweepstakes and if I’m lucky I’ll get it.

  • bettyann54

    keep trying. it took forever to load. i finally got the page to load and filled out info, then it said it was busy. i kept trying, then i filled out the info again and it said i was already entered.

  • Miss Diamond

    Thanks got it

  • Tammy

    They reached their limit!

  • AngryGirl

    Darn, reached their limit. I always miss the good freebies. Don’t have a text package so I can’t sign up for the alerts. What time did this go live & why do companies always have their promotions so early in the morning. It must have started at 7 am in the morning.

    • felixdacatt

      i hear you… I’m still so bummed that I missed out on the Bali bra freebie the other day!

  • Justin

    I missed it. first time I filled out the form it said the page wasnt working. second time I got a coupon for 1$ off 🙁

  • Lisa Smith- Taylor

    i filled out the form 3 different times, and everytime it told me web page not found. very frustrating when this happens almost every single time.

  • mary

    I tried to request this the first time it posted and it kept saying its expired. I doubt if it expired 30 seconds after it posted. waste of time.

  • Nicole

    The first time I tried to get this it didn’t want to load, but I filled it all out this time and it said I already applied for one, Hope I get it.

  • Bellesme

    I just filled out the form with no problems so I think I am getting one. 🙂

  • couponelle