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FreebieShark Text Alerts“Help! Is it possible to request a freebie on my smart phone?
That’s a question that frequently pops up on FreebieShark. Well, the answer is that it depends. If a company is offering up a freebie on their own website, you should make no problems requesting the freebie. However, if the company is offering the freebie on their Facebook page, it’s a different story. For some reason, Facebook won’t allow us to view tabs, or applications on our mobile devices. When trying to access a freebie found on Facebook, you’ll probably get an error message saying that it is unavailable. Annoying… right?  😉

However, if you are able to view Facebook in desktop mode, you might have better luck. To access desktop mode on your cell phone, click the icon at the very top left while browsing on your phone, then scroll down and click “Desktop Site”. If it still doesn’t work for you, I would suggest getting on a computer as soon as you can to request that particular freebie!

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  • Bawilliams

    thanks so much for posting this. Forever I have thought maybe it was my phone, or my settings. I can let me freebie frustrations go now knowing Im not alone 🙂

  • thank you I’ve been wondering about that myself it does get frustrating

  • Jayleen Marlow

    Thank you. I always thought that maybe there was just something wrong with my connection, thnx again!!

  • Jonnie Marie Thompson

    So im a little lost. I have trouble reading a lot at once due to eye problems. Can i do this from my phone?