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by Jason
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HOT! If you are a member of Sam’s Club, head on over to request Several FREE Lysol, PowerBall, & Air Wick Samples! Just click the “Get Sample” button under each freebie and fill out the short form. Be sure to click the down arrow to scroll through the other samples. A membership number is required to request these. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery!

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  • emma

    not working.. keeps saying expired internet page 🙁

  • Cheryl

    same for me.. something about a firewall being blocked from the other server or whatever

  • Anonymous

    So far, I’ve been able to get 3 of the 5. Takes sometime to load and then again to send.

  • sheyann

    I don’t know what is going on with this, but it is seriously p***ing me off!!! I have gotten through on 2 of them, however after I fill out the form and send my request through it says expired internet page. I hit refresh and it says that it is no longer accepting requests. One of them said that my member number was not correct. I am looking at the stinking card right in front of me and typing it in exactly as it is on the card. This is very frustrating!!!!! I know it is not my internet connection, because I have the highest internet speed available throught DSL.

    • sheyann

      UPDATE: I got back on this morning and got 4 out of 5. They were out of the soap dispensers, of course that was the one that I REALLY wanted…oh well, at least I got through this time. 🙂

  • gimygirl

    took forever and a day, but i was able to get all 5. thanks, freebieshark!

    • freestuff

      what browser did you use? internet explorer/ safari/firefox? apparently some people are saying it matters

  • kandi

    Thanks a bunch! I got the Lysol dispenser, now on to the air wick, took a while though, just kept refreshing and re sarting from freebieshark link

  • Dee

    Took a while but I finally got them all:) what great freebies!! I love sams club and I guess being a member pays off! Can’t wait for these to start showing up:)

  • kandi

    I used firefox and got 4 out of 5

  • Got 3 out of 5 couldn’t get other 2 to load. Awesome freebie, can’t wait for it to come:)

  • Darn I cannot get this not a member 🙁

    • Try going to there website and getting a day pass they will give you membership #

  • Phil

    Got it! Thanks.

  • amy

    Have an old membership number…don’t know if it will work, but here it is for non members: 10142110545203721…good luck. I got all mine just now.

    • Sam’s Club Member

      Do you realize if you put in a FAKE number you are STEALING! This is only for people who have a PAID membership to Sam’s Club not for people who want to make up FAKE member numbers or steal numbers from people who actually pay for this service. I will be letting Sam’s Club know that people are doing this so they make sure to check all member numbers with the actual people who are paid members. This is a form of fraud and theft what you are doing AMY!

      • Gax

        Wow. They’re just FREE samples… They give them away to have customers try a product so that they might buy it someday.
        Go ahead and call if you’d like, though. Some people have way too much time…

        • Db16v

          I agree that you should not just be putting in any old number. It would be terrible if their was someone who wanted to get these and their membership number was already used because somebody else has already used it. People are going to do what they want either way but it is wrong and it is like stealing, Reguardless if it is just a free sample or not.

      • Not-So-Crazy Sam’s Club Member

        Um you do realize that they offer a FREE membership which will get you the FREE samples for NON-PAYING customers..

  • musicboxx

    I just got all five samples!!! Yah! Thank you!!!

  • Ruth

    nice, thank you, scored all!!!

  • B

    Not working keeps telling me my apt number is missing when I have entered it

  • czech7985

    I could get on the WEB site but when I tried to get a sample, the page would expire before it would load. This morning, I got 4 out of the 5 samples. They were out of the hand soap dispenser.

  • not working for me

  • kel

    they are all out 🙁

  • It keep saying they can’t verify my mailing address I am a member don’t understand please HELP!!

  • Kel

    Got all 5 this time thanks freebieshark.

  • Thanks! Got them!

  • thank you! got them all!

  • dianet

    Just got mine…still available 🙂 Thanks freebieshark!!

  • Thanks always for the headsup. In a rough economy we appreciate your thoughtfulness and including your loyal followers. This is so much fun. Thanks again.

  • Karina

    They are all out of the Air Wick Freshmatic Dispenser, but i got the other four things! 🙂