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at 6:45 pm
by Jason
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Hurry on over to snag a FREE Tide To Go Stain Eraser! Hurry this will not last long! Allow 6 weeks for delivery. Let us know if you score one!

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  • apple

    Whoot toot! Thank you!

  • Mama B.


  • Bethany B

    Got one!!! Thanks!!!

  • Lorrie

    I got one, thanks!

  • got it!

  • marcy

    Says I already got one and I didn’t!

  • got it, thanks

  • Lehlagirl

    says I already registered but I haven’t…oh we’ll :/

  • Mary Kirkland

    Got one thanks

  • Becky


  • Got one too:) thanks

  • Brigitte

    got one – Woot!Woot!:-)

  • kateinla

    got it…thanks

  • Michelle Mckenzie

    Same thing happened to me. Said I already registered and didn’t.. All the goood ones I can never get

  • juju


  • lcantu

    said “sorry” im already registered mustve been from the Pods offer in the past, hope they will send one anyways since they obviously have my info

    • Brandie A

      try clearing your cache

  • kabiness

    I think I got it…

  • LDCmom

    1st time I tried it it said that I had already registered. I tried again right away and got the message that my sample was on the way. I would try again if you get the message you have already registered!!

  • laura m.

    got it. thank you.

  • eelo

    Got one. At first it auto-loaded my address into the wrong line and wouldn’t send. I moved the address to the upper line and then finally after a slo-o-o–o-w load, I got one.

  • beth

    I got mine! took about 15 seconds, thanks!

  • Scored!!! Thank you 🙂

  • Bill

    GOT IT!!! thanks!

  • Miranda

    Scored one!!! Cannot do it via cell phone or ipod/ipad have to do it on a computer or you will get an error saying you already requested it.

  • Sandy W

    YAY!! Got it using IE!!

  • Erienne

    Yay! Got it. So did my mom!

  • AmyJ

    Got one!: )

  • scarlett

    site still giving “error”

  • I keep on getting a message saying “server error in application.” I am not having problems with the sample, I am having a problem with their server.

  • lkollock

    Got one on the third try, server error message on first 2 tries

  • Becky

    Got one!! Thanks Fs

  • in2motion

    I think I got one! Kept getting server messages, now it says I’ve already requested a sample. I love their messages

  • Heather

    Yay, I got one. 🙂

  • All gone… 🙁