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at 3:21 pm
by Jason
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It looks as if the P&G brandSAMPLER is once again offering up some new FREE Samples and various coupons! Head on over here (or here) and after signing up or signing in, you can see if you are able to request these! I was able to request a FREE Samples of Crest Toothpaste, Crest Whitestrips, Pantene, Tide Boost Pacs, Downy, Tide Pods, Downy Unstopables, and tons of coupons! What were you able to get? (Thanks, Stephanie!)

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  • Um, I signed in but don’t see where to sign up for ANY samples, just coupons. Are they not offered to everyone?

  • angela

    how do u submit the request? theres no button to do so. i log in and have access to everything, check the boxes but i have no way to submit

  • Marz

    I can’t see the bottom of the page, after the Prilosec OTC questions. Quite annoying as it allows me to click through to select which samples I’d like to receive…

    • same here.

      • Marz

        When you’re answering the Prilosec questions use the TAB button, that’s how I was finally able to find the SUBMIT button.

    • a

      YES! thats the problem I am having

    • Angie

      Same here!

  • Laura

    I can’t scroll down to find the submit button! am i doing something wrong?

    • J Dorsey

      No, I had the same problem.

  • mine isnt working either 🙁

  • Sonette

    same here 🙁

  • D

    I’m having the same problem. i tried using 3 different browsers and it didn’t work

  • Debbie

    I didn’t see a submit button either, but I hit the “enter” key and it went through. (I’m using Firefox just FYI). Hope this helps!

  • Apple

    I didn’t see the sign in button either, I just clicked the Prilosec otc offer drop down menu, then hit tab 2-4 times, and enter. It then took me to the order screen. No amount of zooming out or in made the button appear. Thanks for the ton of free samples! Love you. Merry Christmas!

    • Laura

      totally worked the way you said! Thanks!!!!!


  • Frances

    I tried again using my scroll button on my mouse and found the summit button. Then a page came up with a list of the samples I chose and my address and another summit button!

  • Patti Wilder


  • julkajulkaa

    All of them! there was not a submit button so i just hit the enter key and it took it! Thanks so much! I am a freebieshark sharkie!

  • use your tab key to get to the submit button!! worked for me!

  • Debbie

    Just hit your enter key….it went through for me. I couldn’t see the submit button until I did that. You will have to verify your address and hit submit.

  • I finally did get it to work. Thank you

  • Lauren

    I clicked the Prilosec drop down menu and hit “tab” 3 times, then hit enter. Took me to the address screen and everything worked after that.

  • alliednut

    I did tab enter, tab enter after the first prilosec question

  • Omg a crest whitestrips sample. Thanks freebie shark!

  • You can also get to the submit button by using the p&g everyday facebook page. Click on the “Have you tried this yet?” link and you can check your boxes and see the submit button.

  • Yes, I just answered the Prilosec question and hit enter, and it went to the address page. Thanks!!!

  • Lyne

    Whew, Thank you alliednut, the tab + enter trick did the job!!! Not sure why it doesn’t scroll so you can get to the submit button!!

  • diane

    FINALLY 🙂 Thanks to everyone for your help in getting the “submit” to work!!

  • Heidi

    Thanks everyone for your comments on how to get to the submit button 🙂 Helped bunches!

  • Jane

    Pressing enter doesn’t work for me…neither does tab+ enter 🙁


    It won’t even let me sign up…..

  • Diana

    Thanks Freebie Shark.

  • I was able to get 7 samples and few coupons. Thanks for this posting.

    • FreebieShark

      You are very welcome, Shauna! 🙂


  • diana

    Yeah, that doesn’t work as usual. I have more problems with the stuff you’re supposed to be able to get thru Freebie Shark. Theres no submit button and it doesn’t even show the end of the page where the Prilosec questions should be. I tried checking the samples I wanted and hitting enter but that did absolutely nothing, That’s why I gave up on Freebie Shark months ago. I thought I’d give it an other chance, but it’s the same old problems and not worth the aggravation.

    • FreebieShark

      Hi Diana-

      Not sure if you know this or not, but I ONLY BLOG about these freebies and deals. My main intention is to help everybody save. Not sure what you are doing wrong, because nearly all readers are getting freebies with no problems. Try another browser, or the 2nd link I provided in the post. If you still are having problems, contact P&G. Again- I ONLY blog about these.. I don’t actually give these freebies away.


  • Tammy

    Got my samples & some coupons.Love getting this !Thanks!

  • Lolita

    It seems that i will be getting “All” the free samples i requested along with their coupons. Thanks for the offer.

  • lkollock

    I had no problem, I didn’t even answer the Prilosec questions, the submit button was on the bottom of the page

  • I think I was able to sign up for all the FREEBIES. Thanks again FREEBIE SHARK. I hope I did it right. Paula

  • Asra

    I did it yesterday.. Thanks..
    Hopefully I get the samples this time.. I didn’t get last time’s samples..

  • Rhonda

    Can’t wait for this nice box to come in. Lots of goodies this time. Thanks!

  • Ceci

    I requested samples of:
    Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner
    Tide® Boost™ Vivid White + Bright™ Pacs
    Tide® Pods
    Crest® 3D White Arctic FreshDowny Infusions™ Honey Flower
    Downy Fresh Unstopables

    As well as a few coupons. Thank your for the notification that the new samples were available. (I hated that several months back I only requested one thing, then was ‘locked out’ for a time before could submit another request) So being able to get these in one request was a wonderful benefit. Me, being an adult with asthma, I cannot use many scented products, so getting samples is almost a necessity.
    Thanks once again, Jason & your ‘team’ of helpers. Greatly appreciated!

  • britt

    Got it thank you!!