Set as Your Home Page

When you initially open up your web browser, the very first page that you will see is called the “home” page. The home page is your beginning point to the rest of the web. How cool would it be if you set as your homepage?! You’ll never miss out on any Freebies, Coupons, or Deals!

Here’s how!

How to Set Your Browser Start Page in Internet Explorer

1. Open up Internet Explorer
2. Go to
3. Click the drop down menu on the little ‘Home’ icon towards the top of the browser.
4. Click ‘Add or Change Homepage’
5. Click the first button and press “OK”. That’s it!

How to Set Your Browser Start Page in Firefox

1. Open up Mozilla Firefox
2. Click ‘Tools’, then ‘Options’ located at the very top of your browser.
3. Under the ‘General Tab’, type in as your homepage.
4. Press “OK”. That’s it!