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Sharky’s 2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Predictions

*Please note that these are simply my predictions based on years of tracking these sales, but they are not guarantees. Please note that short stock and shipping delays could alter many of these predictions for the 2021 season.*

It’s our favorite time of the year – HUGE HOLIDAY SALES!  We look forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday every year, because we can shop for gifts and save tons of money. Last year (2020) was a little different, but we adapted quickly. After years of posting the best Black Friday deals, we’ve kept detailed logs and noticed patterns. It’s important to note that USPS shipping delays could affect your normal shipping routine, so keep that in mind.

Important Dates

  • Black Friday – November 26th
  • Cyber Monday – November 29th
  • Green Monday – December 13th This is the last big push from retailers, and allows 10 business days for shipping to arrive before Christmas
  • Free Shipping Day  – December 14th  On this day, free shipping offered by thousands of retailers, with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. It’s often accompanied with sales.

Predictions for 2021

  • Basic predictions: To keep it simple, we’re predicting shipping delays, higher sale prices than the last few years, and stock shortages. But we’re also predicting a full week of steady deals from Amazon and other retailers, the week of Black Friday. Plus, many deals will roll in much earlier because of stock and shipping concerns. Stay on top of it:

– Shop earlier this year to avoid stock and shipping issues.
– Opt for free in-store pickup at retailers that offer it to avoid shipping.
– If you’re buying online, wrapping at home, and shipping out boxes of gifts, order them and have them shipped directly to the recipient to save on shipping AND time.
– When you see an item you want, grab it. You might see it on sale for cheaper again later in the season, but that stock will likely be very limited and you could easily miss out.
– Be prepared to have less options. Retailers are already low on stock, and the variety of items they will carry will be significantly less this year. Sizes, colors, styles, and variations of products will definitely be limited.
– Be willing to accept earlier models & styles of the products you want. The newer models will be very low in stock, and probably sell out extremely quickly. Opting for last year’s release might be the way to go this year.

  • When to shop: Black Friday sales will start much earlier this year – in fact, some have already begun to pop up. November is the best month to score holiday gifts with the best sales and lowest prices. Shop this month and take advantage of the early Black Friday deals.  Jump online on Thanksgiving if you can sneak away!  Freebie Shark will be posting hot deals all day, and we’re expecting to see more 1-day deals like last year.
  • Amazon Daily Deals: These sold out extremely fast last year between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You’ll want be awake and online early to score them, as most sold out before 9am in 2020!
  • Retail Winners: Online retail winners for the last few years have steadily been JCPenney and Kohl’s. We’ve been less and less impressed with Walmart’s sales, and noted that Macy’s has been offering better deals every year. Keep an eye on our top three: JCPenney, Kohl’s, and Macy’s this year.
  • Coupons: Stacking coupon codes is always a winning strategy! Our favorite place to do this is Kohl’s. For the last several years, they’ve offered amazing sale prices + 20% off code + $10 off $50 (home items) + $15 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent. We are predicting the same this year, with discounts starting the Monday of Black Friday week.
  • Rebates: These are a great way to save on holiday gifts. There are two retailers we can count on every year for rebates on items for the kitchen (small appliances, knife sets, utensils & kitchen accessories). JCPenney and Macy’s are predicted to hold strong for another year with their sale prices and high value rebates!
  • Clothing: We’re expecting slightly higher prices than you’re used to with previous Black Friday sales. Cotton prices have risen drastically, and most clothing sold in the US is made overseas. Factory shutdowns will definitely affect us here in the US, so be prepared.
  • Video Consoles & Games: If a game console is on the kids’ wish list this year, be prepared to order quickly when they are available, and don’t expect discounts. Not only will they be difficult to find (remember the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S chaos of 2020?), since they aren’t able to keep them in stock due to supply shortages, they can’t offer discounts. You’ll likely pay full price and have a difficult time getting consoles in 2021. However – if it’s games you want, we predict great deals and bundles on games for all consoles this year!
  • Computers & Laptops: Searching for a bargain on a new laptop? We’re predicting some mediocre deals this year… if you can get your hands on them. Short supply dictates electronics this year. Although you probably won’t be blown away by the deals, they will likely be the cheapest you could find all year. Act quickly when you see what you need, because they will sell out very quickly and not be restocked.
  • TVs: The OG Black Friday item! This prediction won’t surprise you – we’re expecting Best Buy to be the leader again for TVs, as they are almost every other year. Stock will be limited, as with everything else, but we anticipate pricing to be fairly decent in terms of discounts.
  • Watch out: Just because it’s on sale during Black Friday week, doesn’t mean it’s a great deal! First, we have to understand that prices will be higher this year, even on sale. For us to consider something a great deal, the final price needs to reflect the same relative discount of previous years – even if the starting price is higher. Don’t worry – Sharky has your back and his calculator! We only post the best deals we find, so you won’t have to hunt them down OR do math! 🙂

Our best piece of advice this year – be prepared, not disappointed! It’s a weird year for sure, with a lot of crazy things going on that will affect holiday retailers in a major way. Freebie Shark will be focusing on the positives, and staying in the holiday spirit – and that’s the attitude we suggest everyone take this year. Be prepared for stocking issues, shipping delays, and higher prices – because being disappointed won’t change anything. Let’s make the best of 2021 sales, and get excited about the holiday season!

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