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Amazon: Sharky’s Top 7 Highly Rated Family Game Night Items

Amazon has some great products-  we all know that!  But how do you know which is the best product in a category, without spending hours researching and reading reviews?  One way is to checkout Amazon’s Best Sellers list!  These are the top-selling products that are updated hourly, so you can always be in the know. Another way is to let Sharky do the work for you!  Each of these suggested products has at least 500 reviews, and a 4.5 or higher star rating. Sharky will highlight one category every week.

       1.  Trouble

4.7/5 star rating from 12,488 reviewers
82% gave it five stars

Ages 5 and up, 4 players

5-Star Review:

“In this day and age of video games and cell phone apps, it is great to be able to go to one of the retro games from my childhood and show the young kids how much fun it was. This game is great because you can learn the rules in a few minutes and the set up is a cinch. Just put your colored pegs in the correct color coded slots and you are ready for the best part of the game- the popper. I used to love the satisfying click of pushing it and seeing the dice tumble. Getting that number you need is a tiny thrill or getting to send an opponent back is worth a laugh or two.” 

       2. Qwirkle

4.8/5 star rating from 8,622 reviewers
88% gave it five stars

Ages 6 and up, 2-4 players

5-Star Review:

“I already knew we enjoyed this game from playing it with friends, so I bought one for our own house. It’s a fun simple game where you’re trying to create “qwirkles” which are a row of six pieces of either the same shape or same color with no repeating pieces. Pieces are placed like dominoes and scored by how many pieces in a row you’ve created. Simple and fun. I also love that it has nice thick real wood blocks to play with. “

        3. Richard Scarry’s Busytown

4.7/5 star rating from 7,462 reviewers
82% gave it five stars

Ages 3 and up, 2-5 players

5-Star Review:

This game is a great concept for kids who have issues with winning and losing. Especially at 3 and 4 years of age when other skills like patience, taking turns, and working together are my main focus for my son rather than learning to be a gracious loser (I hope to teach him this later). Focusing and patience are the skills that this game builds as my son loves being a helper and the idea that he is helping for everyone to win actually helps him to focus and be a little more patient. The game also helps with counting and memory. I am pleasantly surprised by this game and I highly recommend it!

        4. Mouse Trap

4.6/5 star rating from 4,164 reviewers
79% gave it five stars

Ages 6 and up, 2-4 players

5-Star Review:

I bought this for my 10-year-old so he could have some good old fashion memories when he is all grown up. I want him to remember some family fun board games and not just video games and TV. Some of my best times were playing board games when I was little and I love that he is enjoying this fun game too. Mousetrap was one of my top favorites along with life, monopoly, and clue. Please make sure you give your children the gift of family fun night with a board game!

          5. 5 Second Rule Junior

4.7/5 star rating from 4,089 reviewers
79% gave it five stars

Ages 6 and up, 3+ players

5-Star Review:

I have 3 kids 8,10, & 12 who love game night and I knew the regular game would be too hard on them….It does NOT get old. And it’s great to see what information our kids retain and creatively come up with on the spot. We were laughing so much with the crazy answer that the pressure put on us trying to beat those few fleeting seconds, I hope they continue to bring out new card series for this because it’s a 5 star game for our family!

          6. Clue Junior

4.7/5 star rating from 3,584 reviewers
82% gave it five stars

Ages 5 and up, 2-6 players

5-Star Review:

My daughter loves this game…It’s not as complex as the original CLUE, but for a child, it’s perfect to introduce them to the basic concept of logic games. This has helped build up her understanding of how to work out a logic puzzle and we’re about to introduce the regular game of CLUE. That being said, she LOVES the figures in this game and enjoys it every time we play it. …It’s for families with kids. And it’s perfect for that purpose.

         7. Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wonky Challenges

4.7/5 star rating from 6,674 reviewers
80% gave it five stars

Ages 9 and up, 2-8 players

5-Star Review:

“We played our 2nd game tonight, and it was a blast! 4 adults and 3 kids, the youngest being 8yo had a blast. Almost all of the “tasks” are accessible for players aged 8, so we opted to pass on certain cards. We did away with the token currency system too and just decided to “keep the card” if you won it. The game ended with a 2 way tie breaker.

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