Taco Bell & Xbox Series X Giveaway Goes Live on September 24th (4,032 Winners!)

YAY! Here’s your heads up that Taco Bell & Xbox will be teaming up again for the fourth year in a row to give away FREE Xbox Bundles! Starting September 24th, fans who purchase any medium or large drink via the Taco Bell app or in-person will receive a code on the cup for a chance to win a new Xbox Series X bundle.

The free online code request will be going live on October 22nd, and I will definitely make sure to update you all then. You can play up to three times per day and there will be a winner EVERY 15 minutes. Several FreebieSharkers won last year…I’m hoping for the same this year!

To gain even earlier access to win an Xbox Series X bundle, make sure you sign up for Taco Bell’s all-new rewards program via Taco Bell app by September 13th! They’ll e-mail all members on September 15th with details about an early entry. Can’t wait! (Thanks, Dolly!)

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