Did you Qualify for the Spectracide Settlement? Check Your E-mail!

Back in December, I posted about a Spectracide settlement that allowed you to get a check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card (up to roughly $25) if you qualified! If you applied then, check your e-mails and mailbox! I opted to score a $25 Amazon gift card, and I got an e-mail early this morning with the subject line “Spectracide Class Action Amazon Gift Certificate”. In it was an Amazon gift card code worth $27.44 — which was over the estimated amount of $25!

Sharky wanted to give you all a heads up so you can be on the lookout for it! If you opted for a check or PayPal, look for those too, as it seems like they are in the process of issuing all payments as part of the settlement. Let us know if you get this!

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