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by Jason
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Stock up on stamps now! Just a heads up that on January 27th, the USPS will be increasing the prices on First-Class Forever Mail Stamps from $.50 to $.55 per stamp! That comes out to be an extra $1 per book of stamps. Plus, the price of select USPS mailing services are also on the rise. Priority Mail costs will increase 5.9%. Go here for more information.

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  • gldxprnc

    thanks for the warning… i remember when one stamp was 25 cents..

  • Rebekah Palmer

    Man I hate when things get higher :/ thanks for the warning. I should definitely buy stamps before then

  • MzJavert

    I bought 10 years worth of stamps when the forever stamps came out. The people in line thought I was crazy. Actually time to buy another 10 years worth.

    • Jill cox

      Not a bad idea

  • littlebabyangel

    Two letters $1.10 …. that’s why I stopped sending out christmas cards. I think I used a book of stamps for this whole past year. But I’ve bought so many packages and paid usps shipping.. time to cut back drastically.

  • TJ

    I’ll never use the USPS again, they have become international crooks. It h as s become very clear why we got 5 Christmas cards instead of at least 50 this year. I see the USPS going out very soon…

    • ElisaDay

      Totally understand that you are disappointed.
      I wish we would have gotten more cards too. We probably got five too. I am always sending out around 40 cards, each with a collage picture of my daughter in the last year so that our friends and family abroad can see how she’s grown. And since I have carpal tunnel hand writing cards is hard for me (just had surgery which hopefully will fix this) and takes several days.

  • ElisaDay

    Compared to Germany the prices for those one ounce letters are cheaper so to me this is still a price that is okay. In Germany it’s 0.80 $ for up to 20g which is less than an ounce and it covers a smaller area since Germany is by far not as big as the US. And they don’t even have forever stamps so you are not able to stock up. If you do so and they raise prices you have to buy cents stamps to fill the gap between the price printed on the old stamp and the current price.

    But I was shocked when I was researching prices for parcels here. Maybe I am doing it wrong but how are you guys sending parcels within the US? How much do you pay for let’s say 2 pounds and which delivery service do you use?

  • Chris Ellementery

    Ridiculous! Every January they raise it! People like me who sell stuff for a living can’t compete with these big box stores. I’ve been doing this since 2003 and it’s $7 now just to mail a flat rate thin envelope! How are people supposed to live?

  • Chris Ellementery

    omg it’s even worse! “First-Class Package Service, a lightweight expedited offering used primarily by businesses for fulfillment purposes, will move to zone-based pricing to better align with the cost of service and improve value based on distance.” That means that if I ship something East Coast it’s going to cost more! Why the heck are they doing this? I can’t make any money to support my son by selling on ebay anymore.