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at 7:36 pm
by Jason
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Tiny Prints is offering up 10 FREE Cards when you use promo code 10FREE at checkout! Even better, you can combine this offer with promo code TPFREESHIP to get FREE shipping on your order! These promo codes can both be applied. Valid on select cards only. Payment information may be required to process the order. Spread the word!

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  • Virginia Kohl

    Will not allow you to use both promos unless large quantity is selected 🙁

    • zhang

      It worked for me, but I think you just have to choose one of the cheaper ones

      • Virginia Kohl

        I tried it with cards ranging from $0.89 (the cheapest) to $1.99 (the most expensive).

        Each time after applying the 10FREE promo it says I cannot use the other.

        Which card did you select? Was it completely free in the end?

        Thank you

        • ElisaDay

          Im not the original poster but I chose the following cards and it was completely free in the end (link to the cards I chose is below my text).

          I first sorted by price and stayed in the 0.89$ range.

          I chose this card because it was one that I found where you can delete the “Thank you” phrase since we rarely need thank you cards. I just left all text spaces blank so I have the option to use those cards just for saying hello mail or I just add a thank you on my own if I need it for that purpose.

          I was able to use both promo codes, I first entered the 10FREE code then the other one. I hope you figured it out already or I can help you with my post. The offer ends tomorrow. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try it earlier that’s why I am responding a little late.

          Blooming Floral Thank You Card, Designer: Magnolia Press

    • Lemonandelm

      It worked for me. You just have to do one of the cheaper cards. Not a card in a weird shape or rounded edges and not the cards with any glitter or foil. I used both codes and it worked! I got the thank you card with black lettering and polka dots around the photo.

  • Kel

    It should’ve added that you have to sign up or already be an existing member

  • S D

    They want your credit card info to prevent fraud. Not worth it.

    • Lemonandelm

      They’ll never bill you. Why isn’t it worth it for free?

      • S D

        Cause I don’t my info with them

        • Lemonandelm

          Even if you didn’t have a CC, they’ll still have your address and that’s worse. Don’t give your address to companies, even for free stuff.

  • SMF

    Worked just fine for me! Got 10 adorable thank you cards for $0 🙂 Thanks Jason!

  • Lemonandelm

    Worked for me! I got free cards! Saved over $23 too. This is going to be great to use for my daughter’s Make a Wish trip in a couple of months.

    • FreebieShark

      Glad you took advantage of it! Great freebie!

  • Rachel

    When you get to your cart make sure your card total is 10. For me it seemed to default to 15 cards but when I changed it back to 10 it worked! Thank you!

  • Lemonandelm

    Man, I hate complainers. Gets on my nerves. Be thankful companies offer freebies like this. If it doesn’t fit you, move on.

  • ElisaDay

    Thank you, I just ordered mine.

  • SaintThomas VI

    I got minez!!! Thank ya!

  • Krystie

    The 10free has expired

    • FreebieShark

      bummer 🙁 I’ll mark as expired