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at 4:24 pm
by Jason
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As you may have heard, Build-A-Bear’s Pay Your Age promotion generated such an overwhelming crowd that they had to end up closing lines due to safety concerns. This resulted in a lot of disappointed families and children. Build-A-Bear is trying to make things right by offering all Bonus Club members a $15 off a Make-Your-Own Furry Friend coupon!

This coupon is valid in-store through August 31st. You must log into your account by July 31st to get the coupon. (Thanks, Nicole!)

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  • Kim Holsapple

    My daughter went to Towson mall and the line was wrapped around the store. They then headed to White Marsh Mall and the same thing. They were told that they had run out of items and had to close. The girls went to the second level and saw that they still had items behind their counters. What did BAB think was going to happen?

    • FreebieShark

      Agreed. They way Build-A-Bear ran this promotion, I feel like they had absolutely nothing prepared in time. They knew it was going to generate a big response…they should’ve planned ahead of time and either just handed out vouchers from the get-go, or did something like “the first 100 people per store” to avoid this mess!

  • Pillows McGee

    yeah they had it on the news in L.A. that they shut down the lines all over the city and that was wayyyy this morning. as soon as I heard the promotion i figured something like that would happen. I mean you could get a build a bear for $1 if you had a one year old (idk how the promotion worked but this was my first thought since it just said the age of the child)

    • FreebieShark

      Agreed! They should’ve planned this one out better!

  • SoCal Indi

    Crazy to try and save a few dollars on a toy they play with for a week.

    • Courtney Jones

      I know right? I was tempted to give it a try, but I took a look at the line today, and just went to Walmart’s clearance section to get a stuffed panda for my daughter for $3.

      • FreebieShark

        Smart thinking!

    • FreebieShark

      Yeah, just not worth dealing with the massive headache. Build-A-Bear really did a terrible job with this promotion…could’ve been executed much better!

    • SoCal Indi

      The comments on their FB page are gold! If you want to have a laugh at some ridiculous people I’d head over there for a few hours lol