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by Jason
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Sunday Mail Call #438!
Check out the picture on the left to see what I received this past week, from 6/18-6/23.

Post what you’ve received in the mail within the past week! Use the comment system, or this Facebook Post, to share what you got! I love to hear from you guys!

What I Received That’s Still Available:

  • Sorry, none of these are still available. However, you can still request other samples on our freebies page.

Everything Else I Received (No Longer Available):
Free Samples of Dove DermaSeries, Free Sample of Cuties Diapers, Free Hi-Chew Candy, Free Sample of Omnia Pink Sapphire Perfume, Free Various Magazines. 

Sunday Mail Call, Every Sunday Only On FreebieShark!

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  • ChloeJean At Ralphs: Free Bread & Numi Tea. Also picked up my free Arrowhead flavored water. In the Mail: I and Love and You pet food & Dunkin’ Cold Brew. Also a few magazines this week!

    • FreebieShark

      Wow great haul! Nice job! Excited to try that Cold Brew!

      • ChloeJean

        Me too!
        Oh I also got a free bag of Salad & a free zucchini from Ralphs (Kroger), but they were in the fridge when I snapped the pic.

  • Angel_of_Misrule

    Dunkin Cold Brew arrived, got the email that the Cuties are on the way…

    • FreebieShark

      Wooo! Hope you enjoy! Can’t wait to get my cold brew sample!

  • Gail Smith

    I received Dunkin cold brew, Dove shampoo and conditioner, coupons, Planters barbeque peanuts, Planters mixed nuts, along with lots of Planters coupons. I passed them out to my family and friends. Thank you Jason!! 🙌🙌☺🎁🎈🎈🎊🎉❤

    • FreebieShark

      Score! Sounds like a great week for you and your family/friends! Still waiting on my Dunkin Donuts coffee sample!

  • autumndandelion

    I got various magazines for free.

    I also got a free $10 off Victoria’s Secret coupon (for a $10+ purchase), and I used it to buy underwear for 50 cents.


    • ChloeJean

      Nothin’ like 50cent underwear LOL!

      • autumndandelion

        So long as it’s not from a thrift store.

  • Brandye1980

    Tried my luck on Twitter won 2 giveawys outfit for neighbors baby swuishes fir nephew & tea if you have twitter its so easy & odds are GREAT! I won 10 bathbombs ( gave all away but 2) Hoarding up what i can use for Christmas Won a Nice pair of Marshall headphones From the Newport w be a Xmas gift!

  • Brandye1980