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at 2:00 pm
by Jason
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This was posted last month, but it is surprisingly still available to request! If you haven’t yet, be sure to fill out the form of the product that is sold in your region to get a FREE 8-pack sparkling water product coupon! The coupon is valid for an 8-pack of cans or half-liter bottles. Allow 4 weeks for delivery!

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  • Anon Emus

    Wait, Nastle owns Ice Mountain? I was tryna stay away from their products cuz of ya know.. Flint. lol guess Ill have to go back to Meijer brand

    • rzar

      Anon Emus I was surprised to find that out too, but wasn’t Nestle donating water…what do you mean?

      • Anon Emus

        My bad, just read an article today about it.

  • punkin712

    Still waiting for the coupon I requested when you first posted this 🙁

    • Angel_of_Misrule

      Same here.

      • C cruz


  • Angel_of_Misrule

    It says that my address has already been submitted…

  • Mary Godinez

    Still waiting for mine which i did months ago!

  • curtis beers

    Got my coupon yesterday 🙂

  • ChloeJean

    Be alert when you use your FREE coupon. I used mine today at Ralph’s and it scanned as .99 cents off. The clerk was alert and did an override to give me the full value of $3.49 off. It could be an issue w/ the coupon, or with the way it is in their system. I got the 8 pk cans Lemonade Pomegranate flavor – look forward to trying!

    • FreebieShark

      Thanks for the heads up! Hope you enjoy it.