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at 12:58 pm
by Jason
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Log in or register an account to see if you are offered any freebies from Sampler! You may be offered samples of Nescafe, Enfamil, snacks, and more. If you are signing up for an account, you’ll need to complete a quick survey before being able to see what freebies you qualify for. Allow 6 weeks for your sample(s) to arrive.

➡ Did you qualify for any freebies? Comment below and tell us what you got!

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  • Amy Glidewell Ray

    Did they switch from Sampler to Greatest Goods?

  • ChloeJean

    I got the Greatest Goods landing page too. At the bottom it says ‘Powered by Sampler’. It asked me what Gym I was a member of and I said none. Nothing offered. Maybe I should have given the name of my hubby’s gym.

  • prycer

    The site is a little wonky.I wasn’t able to do anything.

  • Angel_of_Misrule

    Won’t let me into my account.

  • AngryGirl

    No samples for me. Actually I have never received any samples from Sampler since signing up.