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by Jason
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Enter the Cheetos ‘EveryBunny Wins’ Instant Win Game for a chance at winning 1 of 2,000 prize packs ($6.75-$9.25 value)! To enter you’ll need to call 1-800-410-5233 (it’s automated) for a code to proceed. You can call to play daily through April 15th. Good Luck!

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  • Erik Wolf

    seems like a long wait to find out if you won lol

    • FreebieShark

      Agreed lol not sure why they set it up this way

  • Lisa Diane Sluss

    I won Sweet Treats! Thank you so much!

    • Julie Pittman

      I listened several times and still didn’t get it right

      • Lisa Diane Sluss

        I had to listen several times as well because it does go fast when telling you the code number.Keep trying and don’t give up !

  • Julie Pittman

    All letters sound the same , DEE, Cee, Gee, pee, ee see,

    • Michelle Guess

      Right, lol I had to listen twice!

      • Suz

        I had to listen to 4Xs LOL what we won’t do….

  • Michelle Waters

    Couldn’t enter because I have no idea what the autobot was saying my code was. It sounded like upper case Zed…???

    • Lou Jenkins

      Zed is the letter Z, so uppercase Zed = Z
      There was a NFL promotion last year that had very similar codes and voice, and the whole Zed thing happened with it too!

    • ElisaDay

      That’s funny. I am not a native speaker, I learned English in school in Europe and they essentially teach us British English, where it’s indeed “zed”. I had to get use to the “zee” in the US.

  • Rick Hilton

    everytime I have called this number in the past as well as now, it says code invalid. stupid way to get a code

    • Katie

      Invalid code for me too

    • Shelley P

      I got the same 🙁

    • Julie Pittman

      I keep trying just about every day and it’s the same thing , all the letters sound just about the same, I believe it’s done purposely because they have to offer an alternative to purchasing the product but make it hard to get it right, 😔

  • Ryan6260

    Requested a free code via. 1-800-410-5233 The code entered is invalid, Whats causing this to happen? Best Regards, Ryan

  • AngryGirl

    I think I need to schedule a hearing appointment, because I have no idea what this robotic voice is saying. Listened to the voice at least 10 times and still don’t know what was said. Don’t know if it is P or T or if it is J or K. Ugh, all this uppercase followed by the letters of the alphabet is not working for me.

    • Julie Pittman

      Same with me and I wear hearing aids and didn’t get the code right

    • Suz

      Same problem…bad diction

  • SMF

    Up to 72 hours to wait to see if your code is valid? Whaaaaa?

  • SoCal Indi

    Has anyone gotten anything yet?

  • Suz

    How do you enter once you get the free code?

    • shayne sleeper

      you click the link and then sign up/sign in and at the top it says enter code.

  • Alyssa

    WON A sweet treats pack 🙂

  • Nancy Pallett

    I pushed 1 and it didn’t take so I pushed 1 again and it told me I had already played and try again tomorrow, then it hung up…lol

  • Bobbie McClanahan

    Invalid code for me, too. The whole “72 hour” wait to see if the code you got is valid ridiculous…

    • shayne sleeper

      i do it everyday, the code is there by the next day, so i spin and then enter a new code everyday. 🙂

  • Davidgggggggg

    I couldn’t understand a letter from the code I’m supposed to use. It sounded like “Z” but in French.

  • Julie Pittman

    Finally got a code that worked that you can distinguish what letters they are saying , it worked now just have to wait and see if it is a winner

  • Melanie Caton

    I got as far as attempting to set up an account but it says my password is invalid. They give a crazy list of requirements and you must use 3 out 5 listed. Mine uses 4 out of 5 because it wouldn’t accept using just 3. As far as understanding the code, I assume the word I heard was “Zed” French for letter Z. Nope! Friend just googled it and it’s British, not French, and it does mean “Z”. Thanks for the education, Cheetos, my friend Cheryl, and Google, but I would really prefer being able to enter this promotion.

  • Heidi S.

    Called in for a free code, code was read out fine until one letter, Z. It sounded like the automated voice said Zed, tried one of each letter, even tried all three & the codes didn’t work. So therefore I wont waist my time doing that again..

    • Suzanne Marie

      zed means z, I have done it lots of times:)

  • shayne sleeper

    Use speaker phone and stay on and have her keep repeating it as you type it in the box. Don’t give up until it is accepted. I won a spring time bundle with chalk flower pot and other things the other day. 🙂

  • Cool Mom

    I won a Spring Prize Pack

    • FreebieShark


  • AngryGirl

    I just keep winning the “digital prize”.

    • Kristen Kimberly

      Same here.

  • AngryGirl

    Yay, I won a Spring Into Color Kit. 🙂

    • FreebieShark


  • Christin Holbrook

    I’ve won the digital prize bundle and the spring activity bundle.. Thanks for posting this and all the other promotions!

    • FreebieShark

      Congrats Christin!

  • Connie Wade

    i won the sweet treat packs

  • shayne sleeper

    Any body win get there prize yet? it’s been about four weeks and still nothing. it says 2-4 weeks on the official rules.

    • nicole

      what flower was in the flower pot?? I know you won that as well, right? I planted the seeds but when people ask Idk what they flowers are called.

      • shayne sleeper

        I don’t know I have it to my nephew.