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by Jason
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Now through February 25th, you can try your luck on this new Coca-Cola ‘Round the Clock’ Instant Win Game! You’ll have to log into your Coke account. A total of 19,376 instant winners will win a prize such as a bottle opener, coasters, flash drive, pins, and more! You can play this three times per day for more chances to win. Good luck! (Thanks, Nicole & Angela!)

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  • Megan Elkins

    I just won mittens! Thank you!

  • Jerry White

    I won a koozie!!

  • ElisaDay

    Hubby just won coasters. They are awarding different prizes depending on the time of day with the largest prizes being given away in the middle of the night (ET time).
    Unfortunately I am unable to make a screenshot since I need to scroll left and right in order to see the entire overview for the prizes and times but I copied it. This is not as eye-friendly as a screenshot but better than nothing. 😉


    6:00 a.m. ET –

    10:59 a.m. ET

    Bottle opener, Koozie, Coasters, $1 off at, Team USA Pins


    11:00 a.m. ET –

    12:59 a.m. ET

    Flash drive, Blanket, Hat, Mittens


    1:00 a.m. ET –

    2:59 a.m. ET

    Bobsled, Frames, Lapel Pins


    3:00 a.m. ET –

    5:59 a.m. ET

    Snowboard, Duffle, Airline tickets

    • Anon Emus


  • Linda McCoy

    I just won 4 team USA pins!!

  • Jennifer Scott Olson

    Just won a blanket!

  • Lori DeForest Pattin

    I just won USA mittens!