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at 1:21 pm
by Jason
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You could win 1 of a whopping 25,352 prizes in this new Snickers & Skittles Instant Win Game! A whopping 25,000 FREE Snickers & Skittles Product Coupons are up for grabs! There’s also 352 tailgating kits or video games available to be won. Play to win through one of these links: Team Snickers or Team Skittles. It doesn’t matter which one you pick, as they share the same prize pool. Note you can only enter one per day.

You can text SNICKERS or SKITTLES to 87654 to enter if you prefer to text. Make sure to enter this instant win game once per day, through February 28th. Good Luck!

➡ Plus, stop by our sweepstakes section for a BIG list of Instant Win Games & Sweepstakes!

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  • Anon Emus

    So so happy they’re doing this again! I won like…6 times last year. So many snickers…

  • Jessica Grode

    Keeps saying my email is incorrect

  • Blah

    Says 1 instant win prize?

  • Mike Cozzuli

    won candy

  • Jim Hawrylak

    Says I won both coupons

  • Cool Mom

    won both Skittles and Snickers… yesss!

  • Roger Pauley

    I was winning alot,and then nothing for 2 months…Is it possible to get on a black list for using 2 emails on the same computer….Anyone Know ?????

    • Jeffrey Andersen

      1 win allowed per email/person instant prize. still can enter grand prize see my post above this page.

  • Michelle

    It says in the rules you can only win one time… so once you win something, you can’t play anymore?

    • Jeffrey Andersen

      it says per email/person use another family member name and different email address or create one. Even still you are still eligible for grand prize enter daily even after instant wins. Pay’s to read rules. 1/01/18 won again under wife’s name different email same computer.

  • Kristi Kinton

    Won a coupon for both Skittles and snickers..thanks!

  • wendy GRAVES

    woo hoo finally won
    I won a coupon for both

  • Iris Gonzalez

    Candy makes the world a better place

  • Beth Meyers

    Just won candy

  • Sheri Swinehart

    I just won the tailgating kit 🙂

    • Kirsten Kohlhauff

      cool! what’s in it?

      • Sheri Swinehart

        a travel mug and a knit hat 🙂

  • Khalil D

    Just won a double coupon!

  • Laura May

    Thanks!! Won a coupon for a free pack of Skittles and Snickers

  • ElisaDay

    On Monday I received my coupons for Snickers and Skittles. I tried to redeem them yesterday at RiteAid. The one for Skittles worked, the one for Snickers said after the cashier scanned it not valid until 03/01/18. 🤔 but it’s not stating this on the coupon…

    • shayne sleeper

      hella weird. try a different store?

      • ElisaDay

        Thank you. Yes, either that or I just wait until March 1st. It is soon and I am glad that I found a store that accepts the coupons for free products without any arguing (besides from the not valid until issue). At other stores it often causes some hassle with them typically accepting the coupon at the end of it but I try to avoid that.

        • shayne sleeper

          If you have a rite-aid near you they accept all coupons. it’s my favorite store for coupons lol.

          • ElisaDay

            Lol yes that’s where I went. But with other coupons they sometimes give me a hard time. Unfortunately this RiteAid will become Walgreens in the future, don’t know when exactly but it’s sad.

  • amandaw16

    I won free skittles and a snickers but did not receive confirmation email! Now I can’t find my winning confirmation code!! 😞 help!?

    • ElisaDay

      I don’t know if I received an email. But idefiI definitely received the coupons in the mail!

    • shayne sleeper

      It took a while for my girl to get her’s in the mail. Over a month. No email confirmation. 😛 you’ll get them.

  • Nikki 2boys

    Thanks I won 😊

  • Jerry White

    Just won Madden 18