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at 3:01 pm
by Jason
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How cool is this freebie?! Through November 1st, NASA is giving you the opportunity to Send Your Name to Mars for FREE! Just fill out the “New Flyers” section and NASA will add you to the list. You can print your ‘boarding pass’ when you are done if you are interested. NASA plans to launch our list of names to Mars in May 2018 and it is scheduled to officially land in November 2018. What a cool opportunity!

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  • C cruz

    Yea this is pretty cool I am going to print out my boarding pass, and show up at the launch site 2 hours before boarding and see what happens.

  • SerinaSweeps

    Watch out for the alien identity thieft ring! LOL!

    • FreebieShark


  • kazoober

    Just hope the Martians don’t use this list of names as the first people they plan to probe.

    • FreebieShark

      Wouldn’t be surprised! haha 😛

  • Daniela D.

    Very cool!

  • Dreamr75

    I hope I don’t get kidnapped when I get up there! lol!

  • Robert McLing

    Going to check into the Hilton, freshen up a bit, then hop a Jonny Cab over to Venusville for some good times with Melina…

    • Rebekah Palmer


  • Rebekah Palmer

    This sounds cool but I’m out of the loop are they planning to go to Mars? Hm I’ll add my name anyways lol

  • ElisaDay

    Thank you!

  • Denise Atkinson

    This would be a neat thing for a Boy Scout or Girl Scout troop-Or a classroom to do !!