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by Jason
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Now through October 7th, Frito-Lay & Pepsi are giving you the chance to win one of over 1,000,000 prizes in this new Frito-Lay & Pepsi NFL ‘They Win You Score’ Sweepstakes! You’ll need a code located on a bag of their participating products to play. However, you can play for free by calling 1-866-712-2396 and follow the automated instructions. Prizes include free pizza, NFLShop promo codes, ESPN magazine subscriptions, and more.

You will be assigned a team at random. If your team wins, you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of these prizes You can call-in everyday and enter a new code for more chances to win. Good Luck!  Go here for official rules.

Plus, stop by our sweepstakes section for a BIG list of Instant Win Games & Sweepstakes!

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  • Susan

    I’ve gotten 2 codes (calling in) but both are saying invalid on the site … ?

    • Steve Orth

      Same here ;(

    • Lou Jenkins

      Same here too….grrrrrr…..

  • Adrienne

    Same here , code invalid !

  • SoCal Indi

    My code worked but the automated Upper Case nonsense made it hard to hear it. Had to repeat 3 times to understand.

    • Jessica Rayburn

      Haha me too

  • RP

    It says “Upper case zed” What is “zed”

    • Jeffrey Andersen

      Z did a search Z=zed

    • disqus_p2WA7Sgwfr

      Totally! LOL!

  • Jeffrey Andersen

    codes not working invalid 2 days in row

  • cindyblakemore

    Doesn’t wok right for me I have only gotten 1 to work and what is an uppercase zed

    • they mean Z when they say zed

      • cindyblakemore

        thanks I’ll try that

      • Kim ONeill

        thanks it worked.

  • Jennifer Calhoun

    I won yesterday, don’t know what my prize is yet

  • lisa leonard

    KEEPS telling me invalid code

  • OregonSlacker

    Just use a date code off a valid Doritoes/Cheetos bag from in store.
    The code has been reusable for me.

    Looking for MUT Codes 🙂

  • Mag

    My teams have won 5 times, but I have received only 1 prize ($15 Fathead that I do not need. PLMK if you can use it). Each ‘winning’ email states we’ll get notification of our prize w/in 1-2 days, but that definitely has not happened. Anyone else getting the same results? PLMK and thanks in advance!

    • Deysi Sanchez

      I’ve had the same issue Mag! I’ve gone on to win numerous times and received the emails congratulating me, but never received the follow up emails on my prizes. I tried reaching out to the email that was listed for the promotion 3 days ago and haven’t received a reply whatsoever.

      • Michael Walsh

        I won 11 times. Finally got my prize notification emails 2 weeks later. I won the same 1 year subscription to ESPN magazine 6 times, 2 fathead discounts, 2 free pizzas and John Madden HUT something or other. I emailed them and received a email back-5 days later that they can’t change my prize. So does anyone want ESPN magazine for a year? Horrible planning and execution.

        • OregonSlacker

          I’d love the Madden MUT Pack (its a virtual card pack for players in the Madden 18 Video Game)

          • Michael Walsh

            I finally got those MUT codes–do you want them? I can forward the Pepsi emails to you or just post the codes here. Let me know how you want me to get the info to you.

          • OregonSlacker

            I found out they were limited to one per account, so please feel free to share with others as I’ve already got one of each type, Thanks and Good luck!

    • Liv


  • Mary Ann Whipkey

    Caps worked fine at first, Then caps came with some kind of machine impression so you could not read the code, now they are using the old blue caps without a code on them. Started calling number and getting codes which also didn’t work either. Called company and they emailed me some codes of which about half worked, won several prizes but I guess they decided to keep them as I never received any email telling me what my prize was and how to claim it, very poor planning by whomever is running this contest. When I called them about prizes I was told that it would be a few days longer as many more people were playing than they anticipated. It’s been more than a week since my call and no email yet!!!’

    • OregonSlacker

      Should start seeing them arrive, most have gotten several over last couple days, GL!!

      Also the codes are reusable, at least the one’s off the chips.
      Use 546221743, Should work ( I just keep jumbling last 3 digits JIC)

      Feel Free to share any MUT codes you don’t want 😛

  • jaymon1579

    Yeah I had 2 out of 3 teams win so far with 3 more future games loaded for Sept 17 Packers, Titans, and Broncos. Codes redeem seem to pick that weeks games and not far off games, first 2 I loaded got preseason games so held off others until the actual season started since teams don’t always play full starters in preseason.

    Both prizes so far were fatheads which is useless for me, first was 15 off 25+ order and 2nd was 15 online gift card, expires within 5 days if not claimed. Don’t really consider coupons a prize but whatever I guess at least each entry gets me entered for the grand prize just was hoping for better prizes but will see if the next 3 win and if they’ll be Fatheads again.

    • OregonSlacker

      Hey Jaymon, That $15 code from Fathead could get you a NFL (or any sports really) Teammate Size Decal Goto Fathead, Click on sports, Filter by price <49.99 and on the right have it sort by price Low to high, should get you a good view on whats available.

      14.99 for most teams, not sure what shipping is

  • Aldo

    I claimed my prizes and I haven’t received anything yet? Some tips to get? I won the madden game, how can I get it?