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at 3:11 pm
by Jason
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NissinComplete a short survey to request a FREE Sample of Nissin RAOH Ramen! This offer is mentioned on their website. Your free sample will be shipped out in January. I can’t wait to try! 😀

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  • Cass

    Survey is closed

    • Julie Awah

      Just took it on tablet and it was open

      • Cass

        closed on phone, closed on desktop for me

  • khristena sand

    When I clicked the free link, I couldn’t get into the survey, however, when I clicked the website link and accessed it from the website, I didn’t have an issue. I’m on a computer as well.

  • Kristi K

    I still couldn’t get in either way. It says survey closed…

  • Gail Smith

    Missed this giveaway. Maybe next time. Thank you.

  • Brenda

    I just did the survey. It’s still open and available.

  • Guest

    I just did the survey but it didn’t say anywhere that I would get a sample. Just wondering if it confirmed for anyone that a sample is on the way after hitting submit?

  • Natalia R.

    I just got these in the mail, and it came in a package with no letter inside. At first I was so confused! Then I googled “nissin raoh sample” and your site popped up. I now remember signing up for these sample ramens. Thank goodness, my head feels better! Hahaha, thanks Freebie Shark.

    • FreebieShark

      Yay you’re very welcome Natalia! I can’t wait to get mine. I hope you enjoy yours.