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Here’s a roundup of 15 e-Books you can download for FREE right now from Amazon. Kindle books can be read on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices with free Kindle reading apps, as well as Kindle devices. Note that prices can go up at anytime, so make sure to check before downloading. Check them out:Kindle

  1. Children’s Book: Fatty Betty. Beautiful
  2. You Loved Me At My Darkest
  3. Skeletons in the Closet
  4. The Complete Gluten Free Diet: 25 Recipes
  5. Smart Blondes
  6. Famous Restaurant Recipes: Copycat Versions
  7. Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes
  8. Crafts for Kids: 30+ Technology-Free Activities
  9. A Million Steps
  10. The Crypt
  11. Amethyst
  12. Breaking Up with Barrett
  13. DIY: A Beginner’s Guide To Reflexology
  14. Welcome to Last Chance
  15. The Circle Eight: Caleb

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  • Ana Fernandez

    Love when this gets posted. Got a Kindle for Christmas since I wanted to read more and I look out for these all the time. Thanks for sharing.

    • FreebieShark

      You’re very welcome, enjoy!