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Adventure’s in Summer Vacationing: “Oh… the Fun of It!” Part II

SummerSHARK BITES – Adventure’s in Summer Vacationing: “Oh… the Fun of It!” Part II

Hi Sharkies! This week’s post is a continuation from last week’s post about the Adventure’s in Summer Vacationing. I hope you enjoyed Part I (Outdoors). If you didn’t have a chance to read it, you can go here.

In continuation…This great list from The Crafting Chicks should continue in guiding you with some awesome activities to do with your child(ren) during summer vacation.

Being Indoors Doesn’t Have To Be a Bad Thing
If you’re not the type of person that can have fun inside your home, then some of these ideas may be right up your alley!! The weather can be very unpredictable and simply, can just get too hot and too humid for kids— or anyone for that matter to be outside during the day.

You’ve Been Framed!
Painting can always be a great time to show individuality. It can also bring families together. Try purchasing unfinished wood picture frames from your local arts and crafts store, so you can paint and decorate them. Give them themes like for your family portrait frame, doggy or kitten frame, best friend, Summer 2015 etc.

Who Needs the Ice-Cream Man Anyway?
How cool was it when you were a child, making homemade popsicles out of the ice tray?

There are so many flavors that come to mind like, lemonade, grape, tropical punch, iced-tea, and orange that come to mind for me. And, the sugar high… my… oh… my…!! The kids will get a kick out it from start to finish. That’s if they let the ice freeze. You’ll probably hear the freezer door open up at least 100 times in an afternoon.

Even Nap Time Can Be Fun!
Making forts from the beds linen, or sleeping in sleeping bags can be a fun way for the little ones to drift into slumber. Especially, with you reading a book or two to them.

Bored or Board?
There are endless board games for the whole family to get involved in. For instance, Monopoly has come such a long way that you can find all sorts of varieties such as, Monopoly 80th Anniversary Edition, Monopoly Game SpongeBob SquarePants Edition, and Monopoly Junior Game Frozen Edition, just to name a few. For an extended listing go here.

Sock It To Ya!
If you have old socks, try making some sock puppets, and then put on a puppet show!

Movie Time!
Having a daily special movie treat for your children can bring you some peace and bring back a little bit of nostalgia. Remember all of the movies you watched at your local theater or drive-in? Look for them online or at your local video store. How cute would it be to watch Cinderella or Bambi with your child(ren) and reminisce? Don’t forget the popcorn! 😉

What’s Cookin’?
Find out who can make the best cookies or cupcakes with a bake-off!!

Card Shark (Sharky’s Favorite)
Playing Go Fish, 52 Card Pick-up, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, and Concentration are great ways to pass time with your kid(s).

Sneaky Slinky
I have to admit that still to this very day… I love watching a slinky go down from the top of the stairs.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!: Day of Pampering
If you have a little girl. Having mani/pedi time can be so much fun. Let your daughter paint your nails fingers and toes (brace yourself), and vice versa.

Get Hairified!
As you continue bonding with your daughter(s), play with each other’s hair. Make your hair creations fun and memorable.

Smile for the Camera.
After all the beauty treatments have been applied. Leave a lasting memory by having an impromptu photoshoot. Play dress up and snap a whole lot of pictures. Once printed, make a special scrapbook for the summer of 2015!

Boys Will Be Boys!
If you have a little boy, make special bonding times with him by watching good old-fashioned cowboy movies, or setting up a train track. Of course, he is going to need a special conductor’s hat.

Fly Away
Make paper planes with your son and fly them all throughout the house. Don’t forget to see whose plane flies the furthest!

Hoop It Up!
Dad can play a little 1-on-1 with his son in the garage and see who can throw the best shots.

All Tied Up!
It’s never too early to show your son how to tie a tie.

Shaving Cream Beards
Shake up a can and spray some foam on your son’s face, then pretend to shave him using your index finger.

Note: Dad— be mindful and explain to your son, that he can’t use a real razor until he’s big like his daddy! 😉

Rain… Rain… Go Away…
Just in case the indoors becomes a bit much for you and the kids being cooped up in the house after all, here’s an idea that can make for the rain to bring you all some sunshine. We discussed painting earlier. So, have you ever thought of buying solid color rain boots and painting them with everyone’s names on their pair? Maybe add a floppy rain hat to top it all off with the family name as your “logo”. Then, when it starts raining… you all can go outside and splash around a bit. It’s a messy kind of fun. Let’s face it— even “big kids” (parents/adults) like to get messy too. 😉

So, as you can see… there will be great fun to be had by all, with just a bit of imagination and flexibility. Kids just want to have fun, while we want to make memories. Incorporating them both can bring happiness to all. A happy home is a healthy home!

Enjoy your summer!

Sharky wants to know:
What is your fondest childhood ‘indoor’ experience with your family during summer vacation?



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