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by Jason
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PizzaIt’s back again! Sometime before September 30th (time not announced), Domino’s Pizza will be giving away over 50,000 FREE Domino’s Pizza Gift Cards! Go over here to sign up to be alerted when this goes live. Once it is live, it’ll be first come first served and the higher value gift cards will go first. Gift cards will vary in value from $100 to $2. Make sure to sign up now to be eligible! Visit their rules section for more information.
(Thanks, Anne, Margie, & Evonne!)

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  • told_ya

    Let’s help each other out! This is my link, if you use it, then post your link so the next person can use yours! Good luck everyone.

  • Cindy

    Dont know where Im suppose to enter the secret word….:/ SHUCKS!

    • Told_ya

      Once you’ve gotten your secret word, right under the box you put your cell number in is small print that says got my secret word already. Click on that

      • Cindy

        Thanks-but I don’t know where you are talking about?? I have gone to Domino’s webpage as well as quickly’s- don’t see anyplace to post it. Nor anywhere to respond on my cell phone. Oh well, you win some- you lose some. Thanks anyways! 😉

        • HL

          it doesn’t work well with internet explorer. Use Chrome if you can

  • AngryGirl

    Not comfortable giving out my cell phone number, plus text messages cost too much for me, so I think I will skip this one. Good Luck to those who enter.

  • tom
  • b. a.

    I provided my cell phone #, however I just have a feature phone. when I receive a link for ,going live info. and a link to access the contest , will I then be able to access the link using a computer. thanks

  • Gift Card

    Thanks for the share

    Enter Win a $1500 Best Buy Gift Card, welcome to

  • Guest

    SCAM WARNING! I “won” a “free” pizza in the Domi-NoNo giveaway but Dominos would not honor it when I tried to redeem the code within the 5 day timeframe described in the “winner” email. I was ordering several pizzas and only realized I was being scammed when the code was accepted but the price of the pizza was not deducted. I cancelled my order and complained to both Dominos and All I have gotten in response is the runaround. If you “win” this giveaway or any in the future from Dominos, BE VERY CAREFUL when you try to redeem your prize. Had I not noticed, my “free” pizza would have cost me $14.00.

    • FreebieShark

      That’s not right! I’ve used free pizza codes in the past and that has never happened to me before. Did you try calling Domino’s corporate?

      • Jen

        That happened to me this time too. They are scamming people.