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by Jason
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Kraft Natural Shredded CheeseIf you’re a Safeway shopper, head on over to request a coupon valid for a FREE Pack of Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese – a $3.99 value!Just fill out the short form and you’ll receive your coupon within 2-3 weeks!

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  • Susan Maria Turner

    got the cheese coupon Thankyou

  • SeanMart69

    If you live in the Southern states, this don’t work!

  • Jenny

    Awesome coupon. Thank you!

  • rice4519

    Not in SC or Ga

  • AngryGirl

    Not in my state. Oh well need to cut down on eating cheese anyway. lol

  • MzManhattan

    Maryland says “CHEESE”

  • Mandy

    I’m in the right state, and would love to get more cheese that I can donate to my church and the shelter down the street from me, so if you don’t live in a good state, but are willing to use your Facebook account to send a coupon to me, I can give you a good address (I have multiple ones, so can use multiple coupons). Just e-mail me at and let me know, as quickly as possible. Thanks so much!

  • carmela

    Thank you for the coupon

  • Ozzie Yans

    Offer over 🙁

  • ChloeJean

    I got my coupon 🙂

    • FreebieShark