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at 3:59 pm
by Jason
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Starbucks MacchiatoHurry on over here to request a FREE $5 Starbucks Gift Card, courtesy of Skype! Note that you must have an Outlook and Skype account to score this. Just follow the instructions and send an IM to anyone on your contact list. After doing so, you should get an e-mail with the FREE Gift Card! Note that the e-mail will not be delivered immediately. You can create a Skype account here and an Outlook account here. (Thanks, Patty!)

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  • Joana Roldan

    the server says: my realm. lol scaryyy

  • Joan Grover

    Mine too…Ugh!!!!

  • psuecas

    as does mine :/

  • Maria

    I did it, it worked! Didnt get a confirmation email yet though, hopefully i recieve a giftcard.

  • lyss

    what’s my realm?

  • Rue

    Try different browser. I got My Realm in google chrome but in Firefox it went through just fine.

  • RedMountainRanch

    Worked for me in Firefox not Chrome

    • Rebekah

      How do you know if it worked?

  • Syd Rogers

    Created an Outlook account. Filled out the form. Signed into Outlook. Sync’d my Outlook & Skype together. Then sent my sister an IM via Skype. So hopefully, after all that mess, the $5 Starbucks gift card will show up in my email….I’ll let y’all know if it does.

    • Syd Rogers

      PS I used Mobile Safari for iOS.

  • ang

    this is stated in the fine print….
    Please allow up to three weeks for email delivery. Microsoft reserves the right to cancel, change, or suspend this offer at any time without notice.

  • Molly Tamale

    Just wanted to update everyone – I just got my email with my $5 Starbuck card! Thanks for posting about this Jason!