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at 2:22 pm
by Jason
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MacaroniEveryday through October 16th, you can head over to the Kraft Noodle Reunion website and check to see if you can score a FREE Box of Kraft Mac & Cheese! You will be eligible ONLY if your last name matches. Be sure to check back everyday to see if your last name matches! You must verify your last name via Facebook.

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  • corrina

    Corrina Lee
    Corrina cheese?
    Lee Cheese roflmao
    If you were telling your children after they asked 100 times where are we going you finally Blurt out the Less then they sit in the back saying LeeS Cheese, LeeS Cheese LeeS cheese ROFL! MIne is the name.

  • Jennifer Zwicker

    Never gonna see my last name!! LOL. But cool idea!

  • Elice

    pretty sure McNeely won’t be the last name either but fun idea

  • corrina

    where do I enter?

  • Teresa Greenlee-Hesselberth

    This is totally wrong – not everyone will have a chance to win. I know they won’t be calling my last name HESSELBERTH — to me that’s not fair for those that do buy their products & won’t have a chance to win.

    • Jane

      Teresa, not everyone wins everything…we’re not ENTITLED to win, it’s just a game for a box of mac & cheese. Get a grip LOL!!!!!

      • Echo Salazar Trooper

        I agree.If people are that desperate for a box of mac and cheese they can go to the store and buy a box for $1.00.

    • Echo Salazar Trooper

      If you are that desperate for a box of mac and cheese you can go to the store and buy a box for $1.00.

      • Teresa Greenlee-Hesselberth

        1. I am NOT desperate for a box of mac & cheese

        2. I am NOT upset that I won’t get one

        3. I was STATING a FACT about the site

        4. 99.9% of contests are good in all states

        5. If you don’t like what someone has to say just ignore it

        6. I didn’t say anything mean or rude about anyone

        7. REMEMBER the Golden Rule: Treat people the way you would want to be treated

        8. If I was upset about it — i would of stated that FACT

  • Sheba Myles-Sjoberg

    I am Sure my last name sjoberg will not be on it either but a cute idea

  • darlyn63

    I do not think mine will either…..Lol

  • percilia

    mmmm lol don’t think i will see langenfeld either

  • Lori Cooper

    what r people getting upset about. it is a box of mac and cheese

  • mandi

    pretty sure they wont be choosing my last name either… thats no fun! cute idea tho i agree.

  • Abraham Goldstein

    Without a doubt the weirdest and yet most racist contest ever. All for a box of mac n cheese.

    • April

      How exactly is this contest racist? I’m sure they’re going to use a wide variety of last names in order to include a diverse group of people.

  • Mallory

    I don’t use my real last name on fb anyway, and a lot of people I know don’t either. This seems unfair.

  • J. Smith

    It is my last name but it says it isn’t…I suppose because I have my maiden name on my FB profile too. Oh well, guess I will have to buy my own mac n cheese.

  • Patricia Stowe

    all in good fun, people! it’s just a box of mac and cheese. they’ll never pick my name either but I’m not going to scream “no fair!” or complain that they’re being racist (which is a bit ridiculous by the way)

  • katherine

    hmmm morse is pretty easy name. lol i hope i get this yummy cheesy mac n cheese lol

  • Wendy Munoz

    Yes plz